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Team Soulveda

A refreshing creative space, Soulveda has, to its advantage, a most unusual bunch working together—brainstorming, philosophising, and bringing brilliant ideas and passions to work every single day. Here's a group of people—writers, editors, designers, and what have you (read thinkers)—perennially engaged in passionate discussions about pretty much everything from metaphysics to life choices, culture to online shopping and from politics to food. Ah, food! The idea of food consumes this lot. You can find both ends of the spectrum right here—die-hard foodies to food neutrals who eat because, well, one must stay alive for the sake of the written word, music and the talkies.    The energies of this team come together every day to give rise to some of the most original ideas, thoughts and work. The niche content space that Soulveda is, especially in the way it is conceived, it provides an opportunity every moment to not only ideate for story ideas, but to also truly contemplate the larger questions of life, to indulge in self-reflection and to know when to take things not too seriously. Soulveda is, in a sense, the proverbial 'school of life', and Team Soulveda its consummate student. Willing and eager as ever.

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