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Today is World Environment Day. Soulveda urges every individual to protect the environment today for a healthy harmonious tomorrow.

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 Arvis Vilciņš Arvis Vilciņš Staff answered 6 months ago

We have to at least try or as much as possible limit our Consumerism, which is dominating in the world. Do we really need all products available all seasons, all days? We should try as much as possible to live in the rhythm of nature. Enjoy fruits, what nature is giving us naturally in the season, not through the agriculture industry. We should limit our greed as much as possible. Buy things, when we really need them and not just because my friend has this item, therefore I need as well. I think, if each of us would think about the nature, and think about action, not just follow the streams of materialistic thinking only, everything else would happen naturally. We must start with ourselves. If each of us will only expect others taking actions, nothing will happen. Consumerism is incompatible with nature.

Arun Kant Staff answered 6 months ago

I believe we shouldn’t litter, and encourage our family and friends to do the same. Start with the candy wrappers. Never throw them anywhere but the garbage bin. Also, use Twitter or Facebook to bring environmental abuse in the light or to raise awareness in the community. These small steps by every individual can become a giant leap for our environment and our future.

SoulvedaSoulveda Staff answered 6 months ago

Thank you for your valuable response.