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The pen is mightier than the sword

What if we told you that our handwriting could reveal our personality? We are how we write. Our handwriting is just as unique as our personality. By examining our handwriting alone, a graphologist can tell us whether we are extroverts or introverts. The strokes of our handwriting could reveal a lot about our approach to life. In a fascinating interview with Soulveda, Mumbai-based handwriting analyst Vishwas Heathhcliff talks about our mind’s relationship with our handwriting. Here’s a peek at the first part of our conversation, as he takes us through the basic understanding of this art:

Most of us don’t give our handwriting a second thought. Yet, it is influenced by our behaviour. Could you explain this correlation?

Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, is the study of graphic movements or strokes in handwriting, which correlate to a personality trait of the writer. To an ordinary eye, how a letter is formed may be inconsequential. However, according to graphologists, the brain sends messages to the hand, to form handwriting strokes that reveal who we are, how we think, feel and behave. Through handwriting–also known as brain writing–it is possible to determine a writer’s characteristics.

A person embodies several traits. How much can handwriting reveal?

Handwriting reveals whatever personality trait an average human being can think of. It can reflect whether we are shy or outgoing, timid or brave, confident or attention-seeking, persistent or a quitter. For example, someone with plenty of sharp and pointed strokes in their handwriting could be very aggressive and hostile. Additionally, handwriting can reveal qualities like persistence and determination. It can even reflect mental states such as depression, sensitivity, open-mindedness, creativity, intelligence, and temperament. Handwriting can even indicate motivation levels.

The intent to write is formed within our brain, which signals our hand to use the pen in a certain way. This makes handwriting an expressive gesture, indicative of our mindset.

Studies suggest handwriting analysis lacks scientific support. Is it a pseudoscience?

I would say it is an empirical science, gauged with observation and experimentation. Writing is a physical process, a task performed by our nervous system. The intent to write is formed within our brain, which signals our hand to use the pen in a certain way. This makes handwriting an expressive gesture, indicative of our mindset.

What inspired you to take up handwriting analysis?

I was introduced to handwriting analysis by an accomplished Kolkata-based graphologist Mohan Bose, founder of Kolkata Institute of Graphology. It was fascinating to learn that handwriting analysis could reveal so much about our personality. Here’s what blew my mind: Just by bringing about a few alterations in our handwriting, we can change our behaviour.

Handwriting analysis has such a deep connection with personality. In what ways can we use it to better our lives?

We can analyse handwriting to understand our strengths and weaknesses. For example, the analysis of our handwriting can tell us whether we are good for a sales job or a desk job, whether we function better alone or in groups, and the like. Also, graphology’s curative offshoot–graphotherapy–can help us overcome some of our problems. For instance, if we have any confidence issues, changing our signature in certain ways can help resolve them.

How does graphotherapy work?

Graphotherapy recommends making conscious alterations to our handwriting, in order to affect desired subconscious changes in our personality. This is a reversal of the normal writing process: our hands send messages to our brain to fix the root cause of problems such as lack of persistence, determination, and concentration. However, graphotherapy is effective only when we show tireless commitment. A graphotherapy exercise is done for 30 days at a stretch without fail. If it is discontinued even on the 28th day, we will have to restart.

While our handwriting reveals our true personality, the signature reveals how we want the world to see us, perhaps minus our weaknesses.

To what extent can altering one’s handwriting help in affecting circumstances?

Altering our handwriting won’t change our circumstances. It will only change our attitude and behaviour. When we take care of negative personality traits, through handwriting, conflicts in our life reduce, leading to positive changes in our reaction to circumstances.

If our handwriting indicates that we have a tendency to take up many things at a time and finish none of it, then it is a serious personality roadblock. Changing a few things in our handwriting can help improve our sense of prioritisation.

Could you tell us how signature analysis is different from handwriting analysis?

Signature analysis is part of handwriting analysis. While our handwriting reveals our true personality, the signature reveals how we want the world to see us, perhaps minus our weaknesses. We may have noticed that some people are talkative at home but quiet amongst strangers. In this case, the signature will show their quiet side, while the handwriting will reflect their talkative side. I usually do not analyse a signature sample in isolation, because the signature can give me a picture of the personality, which may not be entirely true. It will only tell me what the person wants me to see about them.

Doodles are very popular these days. Can they be analysed?

Doodles are not as straightforward as handwriting. They are random strokes and they don’t fall into the category of drawing or handwriting. They aren’t easy to decipher. Still, like with handwriting, we can look at the strokes, angularity, roundness, and of course, speed. However, not all codes of handwriting analysis apply to doodles, which are more pictorial.

Do you have any words of advice for the enthusiasts out there? 

Never scribble your signature. Make sure the letters are legible. This will make you more patient and persevering. It will also bring clarity to your communication. Also, keep your signature slightly bigger than your handwriting. This will boost your confidence level.

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    Vishwas is a Mumbai-based handwriting analyst and the founder of www.writechoice.co.in, an interactive website that introduces people to graphology. The study of handwriting reveals personality traits.


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