intuitive part of our mind

Infinite potential of the mind: The story by Plato

Sri M explains the working difference between the intuitive mind and practical mind.

I am saying mind, it could be brain too, let’s not get into this controversy for the time being.

So, the intuitive part gets neglected. A human being might be an expert; he might be doing very well financially, intellectually and so on. He may be a great expert in collecting information and using it for the good of himself and for others, if he wants to do it for others at all.

But the other part gets neglected–the intuitive part! Therefore, the brain develops in a lopsided pattern.

The remedy to plumb the depths of our potential is to give close attention–enough attention–to the intuitive part of our mind.

The potential of the intuitive part of our mind compared to the potential of the practical mind, is almost infinite. It goes beyond our ordinary world, ordinary thinking. It takes us like the magic carpet into realms that the ordinary mind cannot even conceive of. This is the activity of the creative mind and creative thinking.

Before we go into this, I would like to discuss something about dimensions, which although discussed with the involvement of the practical and logical mind is actually taking us out of it into the realm of the intuitive and the creative. It means starting from the ordinary mind, we soar the heights of creativity.

“Little things here and there, and every day, there comes about a new discovery.”

I want you to closely follow this story, and it comes from Plato. Well, I need to change it a little bit, simplify it a little, but we should acknowledge Plato as the originator of this story.

This is about an underground tunnel built in a circular manner, which means you start from one end of the tunnel and keep walking and you come back to where you started. Inside this fairly large tunnel, a few people have been imprisoned.

They are tied with chains. They are chained, and the tunnel is so narrow that only one person can walk with no one by his side at a time. So, the person standing behind is chained to the one standing in front–in a kind of single line, heavily shackled.

The persons in this tunnel keep moving. It is pitch dark inside the tunnel and they have been told that at some point they will know how to get out of the tunnel. They have been told that there is light outside but they have no idea what it is like because they were put into the tunnel blindfolded and have been in this darkness for so long that they have completely forgotten what light is like.

And, they can move only forward and go round in a circle. They cannot move anywhere else. So, they keep moving on and on.

After some time, their eyes get accustomed to the darkness and they begin to see little. Little things here and there, and every day, there comes about a new discovery. So, they begin to see, as the eyes become more accustomed to the darkness.




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