Ways to Develop an Eye for Detail

It’s important to have an eye for detail

"Always remember that you can never leave the game until you win it completely." - Radhakrishnan Pillai

Understanding the growth of any business is a beautiful study in itself. Most corporates usually start with one man’s dream. Then, a like-minded person comes in, to partner and support the first person.

The next step involves a group of people joining the vision and, finally, the firm slowly expands to become a large corporation.

When a company keeps growing in terms of sales and revenues, the number of transactions it sees also grows. Now, that’s something that the leaders and founders may not have the time to keep looking at, as they have to focus on the larger picture.

At such a time, we require supervisors for different departments to look into the details of all transactions and activities.

An advice given by Chanakya to the commodity store supervisor gives us an insight into how important micro-management is for large corporations.

Chanakya says, “He should personally observe the amount of increase or decrease in the grains when pounded, ground or fried, and when they are moistened, dried or cooked.” (2.15.24)

So for every small movement, there should be systems in place to monitor and supervise it. And, since these systems alone cannot be helpful, the department in-charge should also ‘personally’ observe the details.

Now how can the Head of a Department (HoD) do this? Here are some tips:

Do not try to make a perfect system on the first day itself. Take one step at a time.

Create a system

Firstly, create a system to regularly record transactions. The first step in creating a system is to list down what is necessary to know. Do not try to make a perfect system on the first day itself. Take one step at a time. Your system could be just a notebook or a simple Excel file. As your requirement grows, you can invest in better software programs or even an ERP program. But first, start from where you are.

Daily monitoring

Now creating systems isn’t enough. You have to also control the systems. No system is complete without a person being on top of it. Therefore, the next step is to have a daily and regular supervision. In the initial stages, you will have to give more time to understand whether your methods work. Then, as you get a grip over the methods, monitor them from time to time.

Conduct surprise checks

This is the best way to keep people on their toes, and has remained so for years. This method is not only for companies, but also for schools, homes and all those places where you have to lead a group of people.

Always remember that you can never leave the game until you win it completely.

So, define your parameters for achieving victory. The best way to be in the game is to keep raising the bar every time you reach it.




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