Madhuban The SLH and HHU

Madhuban: The SLH and HHU

Madhuban is also the unique place of spiritual pilgrimage, where all souls of the world meet with the God, the Supreme Soul, who liberates and redeems them of all the accumulated sins and vices.

The lighthouse at the ports and harbours beckons the ships safely and securely to the shore. In cloudy and stormy weathers of days and nights, it prevents them not to be waylaid here and there from the right direction to elsewhere. Its dazzling light invites them to come to the destined shore without any difficulty. The lighthouse, thus, acts as the friend, philosopher and guide for the native ships and the passengers on the board to reach their destination timely at the back home journey and also other foreign ships and the passengers to the Indian shores with no hitch of any sort whatsoever.

Exactly, like this, Madhuban, as the Spiritual Light House (SLH) beckons the souls to their last resort, who journey in the sea or ocean of worldly-life. It also serves as the unique Home, Hospital and University (HHU) for all souls of humanity, satisfying their all sorts of basic as well as dire needs of life at the most critical junctures.

It is the unique Home in the sense that it gives spiritual love, fostering care and succour to the prodigal spiritual children of God who came back finally to it as their last resort, and provides them with all necessities for their comfortable stay and relaxation.

It is a unique Hospital in the sense that it offers all remedies and cures to their physical and psychological wounds which they seem to have suffered during the long and arduous journey of life. The psycho-physical-cum-spiritual doctors and surgeons, nurses, compounders, and other administrative and support staff, who are guided by God, the Supreme Soul Surgeon, examine their physique, treat them, and provide medicines as well as do even their soul-surgery if they have undergone any serious psychic trauma. As a whole, the medical/hospital staffs of Ever Healthy Hospital (EHH), Global Hospital Research Centre (GHRC), and Trauma Centre do all kinds of treatment and take all sorts of care for their complete holistic healing and psycho-physical wellbeing.

It is also the unique university in the sense that it offers spiritual knowledge and education about souls, Supreme Soul and the complete world-cycle including the sum and substance of the entire history and geography of the world civilisations of 5,000 years, called a Kalpa, which repeats cyclically according to the cosmic scheme of the Eternal World Drama (EWD).

In the management of the Spiritual Light House (SLU) and Home, Hospital and University (HHU), Incorporeal God Father Shiva, who is the Creator, Director and Main Actor (CDMA), acts as the sole secret Divine Instrument to the satisfaction of one and all.

Madhuban is also the unique place of spiritual pilgrimage, where all souls of the world meet with God, the Supreme Soul, who liberates and redeems them of all the accumulated sins and vices and also elevates them from their present human stage to the forthcoming deity stage. It is also the mahakumbha, where they take the holy spiritual dip in order to wash away their all dirt of negativities, indecencies, sensualities and sexualities, vicious tendencies. It is also the most sacred place of sacrificial fire—the avinashi, ashwamedha, rudra geeta jnana yajna or the mehphil—where and in which souls burnt out the rusts of rajopradhan and tamopradhan sanskars accumulated in them during the 63 births which they took and lived since the Dwapar yuga till the end of Kaliyuga.

It is also the same place where the souls of shree Lakshmi and shree Naryana played their final role at the fag-end of this kalpa as prajapita Brahma and jaagadamba Saraswati along with other mouth-born brahmin children in order to help in incorporeal God Father’s noble task of re-establishing the golden aged Satyuga with dedicated employing of their body, mind, wealth, time energy and thoughts.

It is here only God plays His unique and triple role of Generator, Operator and Destroyer with the help of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, the Hindu Trinity, as described in various Hindu scriptures.

It is also here the incorporeal God Father Shiva adopts all the embodied chosen embodied souls (Jeevatma) through His corporeal medium Dada Lekhraj (renamed as Prajapita Brahma) and fosters them physically and spiritually providing all sorts of physical and spiritual sap and sustenance in order to prepare them for their domicile and rule in the kingdom of heaven, called the paradise, utopia, bahista, swarga, and shivalaya and various other names as mentioned in world’s various religious scriptures.

It is also the place of Divine Victory where God defeated the indomitable army of defiant and violent Devil/Satan and the whole clan of Maya/Ravan, who represent the various sins, vices and negativities in the world, and made the world the Hell—their fortified capital—and reigned over the impure and decadent souls. Here, God, the Divine Commander of the Non-violent Spiritual Salvation Army (NSSA) finally hoisted His incorporeal Shiva flag and the flag of Sun dynasty (Surya Vansha) after quelling and conquering their combined brigade of evil forces of sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, indolence, jealousy and establishing the Heaven further to last for 2,500 years in the next half-Kalpa of 5,000-period eternal world drama of life.

It is here only the perfect coordination of the three agencies of creation—Man (soul/atman/purusha), nature (prakriti) and God (Parama Purusha) fully and completely revealed, thereby proving and justifying the ever-continuing interrelated and interdependent sustainable relationships among them for all time in its three-fold aspects of sattoguni, rajoguni and tamoguni in its three phases of quality—the beginning (adi), middle (madhya) and End (anta), which synchronizes with three phases of time—past, present and future.

It is here God Father unfolds the esoteric mystery of the beginning (adi), middle (madhya) and end (anta) of the ever-revolving world-cycle, which is symbolically represented as Swastika—a spiritual figure of four ages of equal duration of 1,250 years amounting to a total of 5,000 years, which terminate one complete round of a Kalpa only to begin again to take a further round with the commencement of 01.01.01.

It is here the bachelors and spinsters/daughters of Brahma (Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris), who observe the sacred vow of celibacy, salvage their 21 dynasties (ekish kula) by being anointed with oaths of renunciation (tyaga), meditation (tapasya) and service (seva) for self-transformation and world-transformation.

It is here the cult of devotion (bhakti kanda)) ends and the cult of spiritual Knowledge (jnana kanda) begins; and those, who now drinks the nectar of knowledge, practice Rajayoga and purify themselves as per God’s directions, will enjoy the perfect liberation-in-life along with all material and spiritual embellishments, comforts and luxuries as the accomplishments (pralabdha) of their present spiritual efforts.

It is here the great sea-change happens by none other than God Himself who affects the change of the world from the ocean of vicious poison (vishaya sagar) to the ocean of nectarine milk (kshira sagar).

It is here God, the Supreme Gardener (Bagwan) transforms the forest of thorns (Kanton ka Jungle) to the garden of flowers (phoolon ka bagicha) by transforming the devilish nature of the souls to the divine, and changing them from unrighteous to righteous ones, from worshipping ones to worship-worthy ones.

It is here at Mount Abu in India, God re-establishes the ancient deity religion (adi sanatan devi devta dharma) and lasting peace and happiness upon the planet earth after destroying the various other sectarian religions that conflict with one another and thereby brought about the onslaught of ignoble and devilish curses, miseries and damnation for its denizens.


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