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Off the grid into the heart

With technology taking over life, many feel the need to get off the grid. But when you choose to think positive, you realise the power of persepective, and how it can transform your life for the better.

As technology accelerates our lives, many of us feel an urgent need to get off the grid, slow down, feel safe and loved. Did you know that researchers in the new field of ‘interruption science’ have found that it takes an average of 25 minutes to recover from a simple telephone call?

Consider how many calls, texts, and emails you make and receive in a day. We might be feeling that we never have enough time to catch up. So our thoughts spin a million miles a minute with no easy way out. Some may consider getting off the grid physically, by running away to a tropical island, or moving to the mountains and settling into a small little cabin where no one can find you. Instead, it invites us to stay in the midst of the chaos and use all the varied scenes of life to pull us deeper into acknowledging why living a life of love is so essential to our basic survival.

It might seem we are in control, holding our smartphones and communicating with the world on Twitter or Facebook with a simple click. But stand at a further distance from all the messaging, deadlines, challenges in relationships, financial insecurity, and distractions from the very presence of a homeless person begging on the street to a new Tesla on the highway. Our consciousness is constantly bombarded with and crowded by countless things that do not bring us peace or clarity.

When we practice being a detached observer of our life and emerge the innate natural experience of love, it somehow transforms our perspective and life does not seem so overwhelming. By stepping back with our awareness in check, going inwards and traveling upwards in pure and positive thoughts we can begin to realise that we have power over our attitude and the way we need to respond while being on the grid. The speed might not stop. The demands might increase. The relationship might get worse. We might not get the job or raise we were expecting. What if all of that were in our way to make us stronger, better than yesterday?

If we are not being challenged, how else would we change? The change we are most in need of is one of the heart. When we can adjust the way we feel about a situation and bring more compassion, empathy, and kindness to it, the grid will not have power over us. Life on the grid will continue and we will have to be our best; we will have to love our way to the top of the grid or become human doers without a heart. We might just discover that we have the power to set a tone of love and optimism for a world that is awaiting its inhabitants to return the service she has offered for so long.

I produced a CD called, Off the Grid, Into the Heart for those on the move. It means a lot to me because I have witnessed countless folks struggle to get into a ‘Zen Zone’ while they continue to endeavour for personal peace and power. We are being invited to step up and into our world of power, to become people of substance, to care completely, and to make our world a place where all feel a sense of their own worth and fullness.

BK Sister Jenna  

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is an international non-governmental organisation, which intends to help individuals re-discover and strengthen their inherent worth by encouraging and facilitating a process of spiritual awakening.




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