the human wreckage

The human wreckage

Whatever we do makes a difference and directly or indirectly affects the lives of others through our thoughts and actions.

Genesis from the Holy Bible tells us that ‘God created man in His own image’. As such, we must understand and realise what this implies: that man was not created to be inferior or subordinate to God. When God created this world, He adorned nature with the splendour of sumptuous fruits and the exquisite beauty of flowers and landscapes.

The human beings were sheer masterpieces not only with respect to their physical appearances but also their thoughts, words and actions were so aligned that their every single expression made them worthy of worshipping. Man was endowed with divine intellect and uttermost pure intention so much so that indecision and fear never surrounded him. It was metaphorically a perfect period, in its sparkling brightness without a speck of darkness which lasted for 2500 years.

But then onwards the world continued to fall in the depths of despair and disappointment, finally turning into the human wreck. It is quite intriguing to see how divinity which once came so naturally, vaporised away from every single aspect of this world—from human beings, animals, plants etc. and how heaven turned into a devil’s home. Many theologians have contemplated on what man might have done to offend God that He had to exile him from a world which He Himself had made with such immense joy and enthusiasm.

The enigma behind this question remains as various theological systems search for explanations. However, the real answer is given by the Supreme Soul, God Shiva, who explains the history of the whole human world cycle. The ‘fall from grace’ was the result of five vices i.e., lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego as human beings plunged into the depths of body-consciousness. God saw them getting maligned and personified with lust.

The insatiable desires, to acquire more and more material wealth, left them in abominable condition, making them exist in an eternal ‘Purgatory’. The blinding desire for a “boastful life,” gave this world its inheritance of terror and slaughter. The consequences of colonialism and global conflicts of religion, race and nationalism embarked the beginning of a new era where men turned into anarchists and their hearts forsook love, sympathy and other human virtues.




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