bind and beautify

The teacher

Sadhu TL Vaswani writes, "Religion came to bind and beautify and build, not to create hate and strife."

From mountain-tops he came, the teacher. He came to a city to teach the truths of life. And he stood in the market place. He saw a crowd in a state of great excitement. One, a Muslim said, “My religion is the best.” Another, a Christian said: “Alone the Christian gospel is true.” And a Hindu said: “The Sanatan Dharma is the noblest religion.” And from heated words they came to heavy blows: and a big quarrel ensued, in the name of religion.

Then went up to the teacher to them, and said: “Why quarrel ye? Religion came to bind and beautify and build, not to create hate and strife. Come with me!” And he took them to a beautiful garden full of roses. And he asked them to sit down. And when the excitement had subsided, he asked them all to gaze at the beauty of a rose.

Then, standing in their midst, he said: “Look! How the petals of the rose cluster round their golden centre! So are all religions and all prophets and saints so many petals clustering around the one rose, God, the beautiful. He, the Golden Purusha, is the golden centre of all!” And their eyes touched with tears, they embraced one another in love.

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  • Prema Sankaran
    on September 28, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    Very beautifully explained. If only there were not so many religions, this earth would have been a better place. Instead of uniting, the religion now divides people and it is time to embrace a universal religion across nations for peace and unity.



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