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Teaming up to succeed

Teaming up is better than working alone–is the key to success when it comes to working on a mission or on a project.

Chanakya puts the same thought in the following verse, “Let us two build a fort” (7.12.1)

Man is a social animal and requires the help of others to survive. From a competitive mindset, one should move to a compatibility mindset. Leaders should develop the ability to work in teams and also inspire their teams to work together. And this applies to all the facets of life, at workplace, in a competitive market and even at managing home affairs.

Discuss the project before you start

Better to involve than just inform. If you are going to take up a new assignment call your people and tell them about it. “What do you feel? Is there a better way to do it?” The suggestions and opinions will help you to look at the project from different angles. Sometimes the best ideas come from the bottom; even a child’s simple ideas can be highly beneficial.

Show the directions but let them walk

As a team leader, this is the most important role that you should play. Tell them where to go and when to reach. Let them decide which route to take, which mode of transport is better etc. Give them the freedom to do the work in their way. Most leaders have a major problem in this regards, “…when I did it last time, I did it this way, and you also should do it this way!” There are better ways of doing things. Try to adopt change.

“In happiness and sorrow, in illness and health, in good moments and sad–together we shall be.”

Do not lose focus

Just by giving them the direction and freedom is not enough. As a leader one should be closely watching the developments. Be around when the team requires you. Be focused and help them to get refocused. A team should take regular stock whether it is doing the right things or not. If you neglect this, you will regret later because, you might have started to head the north and reached the south. Keep looking at your compass.

Enjoy together

The journey itself is the destination. Remember, happiness is not in ‘then and there’ but lies in ‘now and here’. Do not forget to enjoy the journey. Have fun while working together. Share each others joys and sorrows. ‘Stress’ comes from not taking breaks and sharing burdens.

When you succeed–celebrate! In case you lose, get up again and move ahead. As it goes, “In happiness and sorrow, in illness and health, in good moments and sad–together we shall be.”


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