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Not worth the price

She casually walked into an uptown supermarket with a huge shopping bag enough to fill groceries for a month. Her designer bag hung on her shoulder like a dangling orchid. As she walked down the aisles of the market carefully picking what she needed, the fragrance of her feminine perfume lingered in the air. As the cashier at the billing counter emptied the items from the shopping trolley into her bag, she took out her credit card to pay the bill. Gazing at her expensive watch and wallet, the cashier looked at her admiringly.

As she stepped out of the supermarket, a vendor selling corn next to the supermarket caught her eye. Hurriedly, she went to his cart and asked the vendor to pack corn for her as she saw her chauffeur approaching her. The vendor quickly packed the corn and handed it to her.

“How much is it?” She asked the vendor. “Thirty rupees madam,” he quickly replied. “Thirty rupees for a corn! That is ridiculous. Reduce the price, make it 15,” she said.

The poor vendor looked at her not knowing how to respond. Every penny made a difference to him. “No madam, 15 is too little. I have to feed five hungry mouths at home,” he pleaded. She refused to budge. “Make it 20, otherwise take your corn back. I don’t want it.” she snapped. By now, it had become a ruckus and the vendor had no choice but to give in.

Looking at this scene through the transparent glass of the supermarket, the lady behind the billing counter smiled empathetically at the vendor. The diamond encrusted watch and limited edition wallet don’t make a person wealthy. It is the wealth of the heart that makes you truly rich.    


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