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The choice

“Easiest ways to kill yourself”, she typed on the search engine. The spiders got to work and within two seconds displayed on the screen were 770,000 results to choose from.

She clicked on the top result, “seven quickest painless ways of killing yourself”. The first paragraph was a disclaimer screaming that the article was for “story-writing purpose only” and if someone really wanted to commit suicide, then they shouldn’t.

It had all the information that a suicide contemplator would require. Pretty standard methods too – inhaling gas, sleeping pills, hanging, drowning etc.

‘So much to choose from’, she thought. As her thoughts wandered, she began thinking having a choice was such a great thing! The moment you gain consciousness, you start choosing–the toy, the cereal, the cartoon, the aunt & uncle, the colour and even a friend. You choose your job. You choose the city you live in. You choose who you love. You choose clothes, accessories, food, cars, music, movies, books and everything else in the world. Choice is the only thing that matters.

And then it dawned upon her it was all about choiceher choice! She was in control. She could choose!

She smiled and went on the search engine and typed, “I choose not to kill myself.”


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