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The hero at home

Rudramma was half worried and half angry. It was nearly midnight and she was up unusually late. Leaning against the window of her tiny living room, she was examining a pair of golden earrings in the light of the street lamp.

They were shaped like a flower with a gleaming red crystal at the centre. They were kind of gorgeous–probably not made of real gold, she couldn’t tell for sure, but expensive-looking all the same. Rudramma had found the earrings in her daughter Lakshmi’s school bag.

Brows furrowed, she sat down on her mat and took a sip of water from the chombu. Her mind was racing. Where could Lakshmi have gotten the earrings? She attended a government school in the neighbouring village. She didn’t have friends who could afford gifts of this kind. Neither was she given so much money to buy them for herself.

Rudramma’s heart sank. Had she perhaps stolen it from someone? Or shoplifted it? Anxiety clouded her mind, obstructing rational thought.

But certainly, she had raised her daughter with good values and sense. Since the passing of Lakshmi’s father, Rudramma had pretty much been on her own. With immense courage and effort, she had picked herself up after the unfortunate loss. She had taken up multiple jobs to make sure her daughter stayed in school. She wanted Lakshmi to stand on her own two feet someday.

But now…was it her fault? Had she gone wrong as a parent? Rudramma didn’t know. She put the earrings back where she had found them, decided to talk to her daughter in the morning and went to sleep.

A gentle kiss on her forehead woke her up with a start. Lakshmi was kneeling next to her, a wide grin lighting up her face. “Good morning, amma,” she said.

Rubbing her eyes, Rudramma woke up. “Did I oversleep? What time is it?”

Without warning, Lakshmi embraced Rudramma in a tight hug and said, “Happy birthday, amma !”

“What–oh!” Rudramma said. She hadn’t kept track of her birthday in years.

“This is for you,” said Lakshmi, as she held a pair of golden earrings in her outstretched hand.

A pained half-smile appeared on Rudramma’s face as she said, “But darling, where did you get these?”

“I bought them with the prize money I won at school,” Lakshmi shrugged, adding “Now, are you excited to see your birthday gift?”

“What? The earrings weren’t the gift?”

Lakshmi grinned once more and handed her a certificate. It read: Proficiency Award for the Best Student.


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