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Till ‘we’ do ‘us’ part

Their lives revolved around each other. Their friends couldn’t be more surprised to see them together. Tia was outgoing and gregarious, and Roy, serious and reticent. Their professions were like chalk and cheese and their aesthetic choices, like the sun and the moon. To an observer, they didn’t have anything in common.

And yet, they fit like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Over time, however, the internal turmoil couldn’t be ignored. There was a time when Roy, a sports fanatic, was a regular at live cricket matches. However, for the last three months he had been turning down all such invitations from his friends. He had even opted to work from home, cutting down on the little bit of socialising he did indulge in. While Roy turned into more of a recluse, Tia, a complete people person, was missing from almost all social dos.

When friends asked the couple about it, they were told this sudden seclusion was to spend as much time as they could with each other.

On one such day, the internet was down and Roy had to step out for groceries instead of getting them delivered online. He ran into a friend who happened to mention an upcoming cricket event in the city.

After the goodbyes, he went about his errand, all the while thinking about the match. “A cricket match? Here? God, I haven’t watched a match in years. I don’t even know what tournament it is,” he mumbled to himself. As he walked back home, he remembered the good times spent with friends. Perhaps, for the first time, he confessed to himself that he actually missed going to work.

Roy had a moment of epiphany: We are so happy together, yet we seem to have a sense of dissatisfaction for no reason. But of course, there is a reason. Happiness experienced together feels incomplete because we are not fulfilled as individuals.  

When he got home, the internet was back and Tia was waiting for him, her eyes missing the familiar twinkle.

“Hi,” he said. Tia smiled sadly, taking a deep breath. “Maybe we should shut this down for a while,” she said. Her heart sank a little as he seemed to nod in agreement. “We love being together, but unless there is a you and a me, there cannot be a happy we,” he said, his eyes deep with understanding.

He understood! Tia thought. No wonder, I am head over heels in love with him, she smiled.

“So, there is this match next week. I can manage to get tickets,” he said. She grinned like a Cheshire cat. “And I need to start planning a get-together. I want to call everyone,” she exclaimed, her mind already thinking about the preparations that awaited her.

As an event manager, Tia’s life thrived on planning and being consumed by her work. It was time to revive her life. As an artist who created life-like sculptures, Roy could appreciate how it felt when a chink on which the stability of the statue depended, suddenly fell in place.

“So I’ll see you on Saturday then,” she said. “Sure. I love you,” he said.

She blew him a kiss and signed off. For the first time in three months, he disconnected Skype and smiled. He had to get some tickets.  

And so, they went on with their day, he in London and she in Sydney.





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