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When the hare and tortoise grew up

There once lived a hare and a tortoise. They weren’t the best of friends, but they weren’t enemies either. While the tortoise was respected all over the jungle for his calm demeanour and extraordinary wit, the hare was known to be the fastest of them all.

One day, as the hare was boasting to his friends, the wolf smirked and claimed that no matter how fast the hare ran, he wouldn’t be able to outrun the tortoise’s brain.

Enraged with the insult, the hare went straight to the tortoise and challenged him to a race. The tortoise, who was reading a book under the shade of a tree, looked up at the hare, adjusted his glasses, gave him a big smile and offered him a seat.

The hare, though perturbed, sat down next to him. “Dear friend,” the tortoise said, “I will not race you. Not because I’m afraid to lose, but because speed is not my forte, intelligence is. We cannot possibly be stacked up against each other as we are good at very different things. Do not listen to those with malicious intent. They want us to compete for their own pleasure, do not give it to them.”

The hare smiled as the tortoise made sense. He thanked him and sprinted away. The race never happened and everyone lived happily ever after.



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