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When the setting sun rose

He had never been this scared. Peering down from the top of the cliff, he thought he couldn’t back off now–had no reason to. After all, he’d been contemplating and planning this for months.

In his mid-40s, he had lost his job as a banker two years ago–the infamous recession. With no job, no family and no money, he had nothing to live for. He kept his eyes on the abyss down below and moved an inch closer to the cliff.

As he geared up to take his last leap, a strong breeze hit him in the face. He opened his eyes and looked up–the sun was setting, turning the sky violet–it was the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen. He looked around. There were splashes of colours–blue, red, green and some he couldn’t recognise. He grinned to himself. An art major and still, here were colours he had no clue about.

He looked at his clean hands. Chuckling, he recalled his college days when they were perpetually peppered with blotches of paint. Straightening up, deciding, he turned around and began his long walk downhill, whistling the tune of his old college favourite. He had found something to live for. 


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