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Are we energy beings?

The world is vast and the universe more so. But perhaps, their vastness is nothing compared to their very intricate nature. Just when we think we know the truth of our origin, the universe throws a curveball that questions all our beliefs. There was a time when the earth was believed to be flat, only to be disproved when Christopher Columbus managed to travel around the world. At the turn of the 19th century, when quantum physicists broke into an atom, little did they know that their ‘fundamental law’ of atom being the smallest particle would be challenged. Out came protons, electrons and neutrons–energy particles.

With that, scientists began to associate mass with energy. Today, they understand everything is mass, everything is energy. If everything in the universe is energy, then human beings are no exception. We too are energy beings–subtle energy beings. While some of us are boggled by this concept, many yogis and energy healers have long believed we humans aren’t merely flesh, blood and bones. They maintain we’re multi-dimensional anatomy with simultaneous physical and spiritual energy bodies. They say the spiritual energy body forms a subtle energy field–an aura–within and around us.

According to parapsychologist Dr Joe H Slate, an aura is a multi-dimensional subtle energy field that surrounds all things–small and large, animate and inanimate, at rest or in motion. In his book All About Auras, Dr Slate writes: “Originating from within, the complexity of an aura is not limited to one particular energy source but is an embodiment of the basic energies of the singular unit plus the energies of its composition (organs, cells, blood, and the chakra system found in higher level beings) and the active consciousness of the unit.

Some psychics claim they’re able to see this utterly complex subtle energy or ‘aura’ with their naked eyes. Few believe them. After all, we can’t see subtle energy. Or can we? Thanks to the efforts of parapsychologists, quantum physicists, and energy healers, we can actually photograph auras using special cameras or scanners.

Most of us believe in only that which we can see. But if we attempt to understand our energy body just like we do our physical body, we may find our true and holistic selves.

Dr Jashvant Shah is a researcher of alternative therapies. He explains that both physical and mental wellbeing of an individual can be captured by aura scanners. He says, “Aura scanners can relay the colours of the seven main chakras (energy junctions) of our body in the subtle energy field. And depending on the strength of each of these colours, a person’s state of mind and wellbeing can be interpreted.”

So, there we go. We can now see auras through special scanners. And we can even scan auras to gauge our physical and mental wellbeing. We know that MRIs and CT scans can reveal health issues. But according to energy healers, even reading our auras can reveal the same health issues before they can manifest in our physical bodies. Pranic healer Salomi Singh explains, “Let’s say a person is about to get a fever, and medically, nothing has manifested yet. But the person knows s/he is about to fall ill. That’s because all illnesses manifest as leaks or blocks in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body. A healer taps into this energy body or aura to help heal the person.”

No wonder energy healers sound like magicians! They practically tap into an individual’s energy field and alter it to bring about an overall sense of wellbeing. While the concept might be rather hard for many of us to comprehend, these professionals have long mastered the art of reading and healing people’s auras, even before the special scanners were created.

Those well-versed in energy healing also say that every individual’s aura is malleable, and that it constantly interacts with those of others. As for why few pick up on these aura interactions, numerologist and energy healer Sheela Bajaj explains, “Everybody gets affected by others’ auras, but not everybody is consciously aware of this interaction. It’s just that sensitive individuals have tuned themselves to pick up on such subtleties.”

Clearly, most of us believe in only that which we can see. But if we attempt to understand our energy body just like we do our physical body, we may find our true and holistic selves. Luckily for us, we can now see auras for ourselves, thanks to special scanners. Perhaps, understanding ourselves as energy beings will open up yet another wealth of knowledge about our origin. Who knows? Maybe we are but an amalgamation of auras. As Dr Slate puts it in his book: “Everything in our universe has an aura–including planets and satellites, stars and their solar systems, galaxies, and for all we know, the universe itself.”


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