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Can you read my mind?

The phone rings and you pick it up, only to find that it is from the friend you were thinking about. How did that happen? Were you subconsciously sending him a signal? Coincidence, or did he just read your mind?

Telepathy is the astounding magical ability to read minds. Nearly everybody has tried it at least once. It is disappointing that this amazing concept has hardly got any scientific backing. But then, when did science ever stand in the way of believers?

When we speak of mind reading, we aren’t addressing the art of reading someone’s body language and emotions, or guessing their actions beforehand. Remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix where Severus Snape tries to read Harry’s mind (called Legilimency in the wizard world) and Harry blocks it, entering Snape’s mind instead. This is the kind of mind reading we wish to explore.

Most people are known to have telepathic abilities with varying degrees of power.

Science or intuition?

Mind reading–not to be confused with mind-control–is different from its depiction in the movies. A sender and a receiver are required for the process. According to experts, telepathy is possible only if both parties have an open mind. Incidentally, this holds true for every major mystical practice. As they say, belief is a prerequisite for any spiritual practice.

On the other hand, there’s also a lot of scientific jibber-jabber around mind reading which has to do with neurons and electrical impulses inside the brain. While scientists debate these inconclusive theories, practitioners believe that telepathy has its footing in intuition. They swear by the influence telepaths can have on people, and more so on animals who have strong telepathic abilities.

While mere conjecture, a fascinating idea has emerged out of extensive research in this field. Most people are known to have telepathic abilities with varying degrees of power. While some can access the psychic realm freely, this power remains dormant in others. These mentalists, often endowed with psychic abilities, can read and even alter a person’s thought-process. For those of you who are not even a little bit enthused by the thought of telepathy, just imagine a world without phone bills and social media–a world where all you will need to communicate is your thoughts.

Well, your thoughts and an ‘open’ mind.


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