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Do you have a guardian angel?

I remember the time I had severe conjunctivitis a few years ago. I couldn’t read books or watch TV; my eyes would tear up and start hurting instantly. All I could do then was close my eyes and go to sleep. I suffered for over two weeks, and on one of those days, I had a dream. In the dream, my grandfather peered into my eyes and said the eye drops I’d been prescribed weren’t right. I asked him why and he said it contains steroids. He then left to get me the right one. When I woke up, I decided to go see a new ophthalmologist. When the doctor asked to see the eye drops I was using, she was shocked that I’d been prescribed one with cortisol in it. She asked me to discontinue it and prescribed a new one.

Long after his passing, my grandfather found a way to look out for me and care for me. To me, he’s like a guardian angel. But technically speaking, deceased loved ones are not angels, says Kirti Kanodia, an angel tarot reader. She explains, “Guardian angels are light workers from the fifth dimension of the universe. They remain with a person from birth, and maybe, even before the birth. Deceased loved ones are not guardian angels. They are human spirits who sometimes lose their way while heading to the light and get stuck in the aura of their living loved ones.”

Many tarot readers like Kanodia are familiar with the seven major archangels Jegudiel, Gabriel, Selaphiel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Barachiel—also recognised by Christian theology. The readers seek guidance and messages from these angels during their readings. However, guardian angels needn’t necessarily be archangels. They could even be family ancestors. People say they are passive beings who don’t interfere in our lives, but only intervene when requested or when we are in danger.

A few people might have experienced being nudged or pushed out of harm’s way during an accident or a probable accident. While they may well associate it with their own sixth sense, it could be the work of a guardian angel. These entities might sometimes bring messages. Celebrity numerologist and tarot reader Sheelaa Bajaj narrates an instance wherein an angel delivered good news. “I used to teach people to connect with their guardian angels. A couple that had come to one of those classes had been finding it hard to conceive. When they called upon their angel to help them in the class, they saw a vision of an angel gifting them with a baby. And by the end of that very class, the lady found out she was pregnant!” she says.

As magical as that might seem, it’s not always easy to call upon a guardian angel, though as Bajaj says everybody has one. She explains, “They are around to assist us in our spiritual journey. However, we need to communicate with them in some way, in order to gain their assistance. There are special angel meditations and autowriting that can help channel messages and visions from guardian angels. Many of my students receive their answers through glimpses of symbols, or hear voices telling them ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” She also says they don’t find it spooky or creepy to hear and see guardian angels. In fact, the experience is quite comforting, her students tell her.

When all else fails and we’re in need of divine help, it might do us good to suspend our disbelief and ask for guidance.

In his book An Inquiry Into the Existence of Guardian Angels, French journalist and author Pierre Jovanovic too explores the sense of comfort people feel when they connect with their guardian angels. He writes: “A relationship with our guardian Angel is the simplest to develop, the most intimate, and above all, the most effective, for it immediately transforms, metamorphoses a life, spiritually as well as materially: a guardian Angel harbours an immense power, a power of which we have only a very vague notion.” But some among us—like Bajaj and Kanodia—have a better-than-vague notion about guardian angels. They are not only able to connect with angels, but also guide others using the messages they receive from the angels.

Could it be that these people are blessed with an innate ability to connect with entities from other dimensions? Perhaps. In the Vedic system of astrology, certain nakshatras (asterisms) and rashis (zodiac signs) are associated with occult sciences and mysticism. So, when an individual has certain combinations and alignments of these rashis and nakshatras, the person is bound to find it easier to connect with not only their guardian angels, but also other entities. Dharamjit Kak, a student of astrology, says, “The water signs cancer, scorpio and pisces are naturally drawn to the spiritual world and are more receptive to occult experiences, especially a connection with what they perceive as their guardian angels. The same holds true when the natal moon has a relation with Mercury and rahu (North Node of the moon) or ketu (South Node of the moon) in the individual’s chart, especially in the 6th house, 8th house and 12th house—spiritual houses or divisions of a chart.”

But then again, not all of us blessed with charts like those. Yet, we too have guardian angels. So what stops the rest of us from experiencing them? “It depends on our beliefs,” says psychologist Archita Reddy. “The more we are willing to believe in guardian angels, the more easily the subconscious mind connects with these beings.”

There’s a term ‘suspension of disbelief’, commonly used in literary context. It means we temporarily accept certain events or concepts as real, especially the things we’d normally think are incredible. So, those of us who have a hard time believing in guardian angels could give this a try. When all else fails and we’re in need of divine help, it might do us good to suspend our disbelief and ask for guidance. Because even though life can be hard at times, we’re never alone. The universe guides every being in it. All we have to do is be willing to accept this guidance and find solace in the idea that we are taken care of.

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