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cosmic library

Ever entered the cosmic library?

Nobody gets through life without suffering. In fact, it is said that to live is to suffer and to survive is to find meaning in the suffering. Morbid as that might sound, there’s always the contentment that arises after we come out of the tunnel of suffering. Of course, it doesn’t all end in one go, because life is cyclical. Through all those ups and downs, we are meant to grow as individuals.

But life needn’t be as hard as we think it is. We’re often told our attitude is key not only in how we treat life but also in how life treats us. And there’s great truth to that. Attitudinal change is indeed at the root of how we can manage life better. But going through the internal shift to fix deep-seated issues is not easy. The same multi-headed monsters crop up their ugly heads time and again—be it circling in an on-again-off-again relationship, or constantly attracting toxic people, or repeatedly landing unsuitable jobs.

There are various ways in which people try to deal with such suffering. Some seek the help of therapists to delve into the depths of their psychology, a few go to healers to address their problems at the energy level, some others meet with astrologers to understand what the time is conducive for, and how to go with the flow.

There are various spiritual means one can adopt to find answers to the deeper questions in life. In the movie Interstellar, the protagonist Cooper finds himself in the fifth dimension, trying to find an alternative planet for humanity. This dimension is where ‘higher beings’ are believed to exist, as is. The binary-digit library he uses to try and communicate with his daughter in the process is part of that same fifth dimension.

The idea of this library is rather similar to the legend of records maintained by the Hindu deity Chitragupta. His records contain details of every action, thought, and idea of all beings in the universe. In fact, ‘chitra’ roughly translates to memory and ‘gupta’ to secret. The memory referred to here is said to be of all kinds of information of all souls ever to be born in the cosmos, while the secret is probably that not everyone is aware of it. Some metaphysicians and particle physicists even believe this to be a real concept rather than just another Hindu legend. They commonly call the information ‘Akashic Records’.

The idea that the human mind can tap into esoteric information from a spiritual plane has been delved into in the field of psychology too.

In the movie, when Cooper manages to tap into the ‘library’, he attempts to find a solution to rescue all of humanity. In real life, this database can be tapped into to try and fix life’s problems. How do we even know if this concept is a reality, one might ask. Akemi Gaines, a claircognisant and author, makes it very clear in her book Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose Through the Akashic Records that the concept can only be understood intuitively as there’s no scientific proof as yet. Certain truths—like the existence of this cosmic database—remain unobserved and unmeasured, simply because we’re not yet equipped to unfurl them, she points out.

Given that Akashic Records are believed to be stored in the fifth dimension, no one knows what form they truly take, only that they’re accessible, if at all they do exist. But esoteric practitioners and experts not only maintain that the etheric archives do exist, but also that we can ‘read’ them. They believe the information from these records could come to an individual as visions, voices, inspirations, dreams, strong feelings, and impulses and the like.

While these might seem like part and parcel of anyone’s intuition, our ‘intuition’ itself might not be as simple as we make it out to be. There could be esoteric influences on our intuition. In fact, the idea that the human mind can tap into esoteric information from a spiritual plane has been delved into in the field of psychology too. Carl Jung, the celebrated 19th century Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst is known to have referred to gaining insight through his intuition. But after a point, he started referring to these insights as coming from somewhere other than his own mind. ‘The collective unconscious’, he called it. This is evident in his essay Confrontation with the Unconscious.

In addressing life’s problems on a spiritual level, even as we address them on a psychological level, we can ease any attitudinal changes we might have to make.

Call it what you will—‘etheric archives’, ‘Akashic records’, ‘collective unconscious’—one thing’s for sure: there’s something way beyond our intuition and many of us might be tapping into the esoteric information without even being aware of it. Of course, Delhi-based Akashic Records Reader Yulia Pal says there’s not one way but several ways to tap into them. “I use a prayer to open a channel to Akashic Records. There are other methods of tapping into them, like meditation and channelling,” she explains.

For all we know, psychics, tarot readers, mediums, crystal ball gazers, all tap into our Akashic Records when they do their ‘reading’ for us. Astrologer Arjun Pai certainly thinks it’s what astrologers do. He says, “Astrology is an empirical way to tap into the Akashic Records. It is often used as a predictive tool, but we need to understand that it can be used as a self-corrective tool. Every soul’s journey is complex; it has a lot to learn. Having access to Akashic Records is like giving the soul a chance to understand where it came from, why it is here and where it is meant to go.”

Pai’s idea of using astrology to decode our Akashic Records demands an important change of us: to view ourselves as not just our physical selves, but as souls—souls that are here to learn their lessons and correct themselves. The cosmic library, then, is our gateway to understanding the soul’s journey through incarnations, its gifts and talents, also its blockages and limitations.

Being aware of these is the first step in trying to fix a deep-rooted issue in life, and the Akashic Records are probably right out there for us to reach out to, using whatever tool we can. In addressing life’s problems on a spiritual level, even as we address them on a psychological level, we can ease any attitudinal changes we might have to make. We might not know for sure if the Akashic Records do exist. But if there’s a chance they do, and if we have tools at our disposal to try and tap into them, it’s certainly worth a try. Who wouldn’t want the cosmos to guide their soul!

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