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The interconnected network of intelligence

‘Who am I?’ ‘What was I created for?’ ‘What happens after I die?’ These are a few existential questions that have haunted man since ancient times. Profound, these questions urged our ancestors to go on an introspective journey and philosophise the nature of the ‘I’. Interestingly, all their search for meaning across geographies, cultures, beliefs and time only pointed towards one thing—the oneness of all life and our fundamental interconnectedness. Our ancestors were invariably convinced of the soul’s significance and in most cases, its immortality. They believed that it is part of a bigger network.

Take the philosophies from the west, for instance. Greek philosopher Plato propounded Anima Mundi or the ‘world soul’. He suggested that the world is a living organism endowed with a soul and intelligence. In his own words, the world is “a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.” Not surprisingly, the philosophers in the east too believed in something similar. The Hindus believed that Atman (soul) is present in every being. And this Atman is part of a bigger intelligent network called the Paramatman or Brahman.

However, for scientific minds, philosophical and metaphysical theories may seem abstract and irrational. Therefore for him, ‘Who am I?’ still is an unsolved riddle which inspires them to deep-dive into various fields of science—from biology and chemistry to astrophysics and cosmology—to find the truth. However, all the experiments and discoveries once again point towards one unmistakable revelation—every being is interconnected and is part of a single network that is the cosmos.

Interesting how science and philosophy seem to reconcile. A simple question ‘Who am I?’ has propelled man to not only philosophise but make tremendous strides in the field of science and metaphysics.

In his public lecture Who are you, alternative medicine advocate Dr Deepak Chopra says that with each breath, we inhale 1022 atoms from the universe. “It is an astronomical amount of raw material that comes from everywhere and ends up as a renewed cellular structure in the body,” he says. With each exhalation, we breathe out 1022 atoms that have their origin from inside the body. So, we are literally breathing out fragments of our organs, tissue and DNA structures, he explains. Thus, if anything, our physical bodies are made of the same atoms that were once part of anyone and anything that existed or still exists in the cosmos. Given how we are constantly exchanging atoms with every other living and non-living entity, our individual physical bodies are not isolated entities. They are, indeed, part of an interconnected network.

This is not all. We are not only physically interconnected but also mentally. In fact, the interconnectedness theory often propagated by Dr Chopra extends right down to the nitty-gritty of our thoughts. He explains that if everything in the cosmos (including us) is made of atoms, and atoms are in turn made of empty space, then logically, everything in the physical universe is primarily made of empty space. But this void is not empty per se. It is a dynamic energy field that is vibrating at various frequencies. This field, according to him and many other metaphysicists, is the seat of intelligence, the womb of creation, from where matter and consciousness arise. Says he, “Nature goes to the same place to create a galaxy or a human body that it does to create a thought, because what is a thought other than an impulse of energy and information…?” So, given how our thoughts arise out of the void which permeates throughout the universe, our mind and thoughts are not exclusively ours either. They too are part of an interconnected consciousness that is incredibly intelligent.

Interesting how science and philosophy seem to reconcile. A simple question ‘Who am I?’ has propelled man to not only philosophise but make tremendous strides in the field of science and metaphysics. Of course, it may be a while before either philosophy or science understands what or who we really are. It may be a while before we understand what this collective intelligence itself is born out of. But until then, we can be sure of one thing—we are not isolated beings, but part of a bigger picture, part of an interconnected intelligence.

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