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The mirror image of your soul

All of us crave a deep human connection. We wish for a strong bond with someone who understands us, shares our values and supports us through thick and thin. When we find a person we connect with on such levels, we call them our ‘soulmate’. However, contrary to the popular notion, such a relationship doesn’t always have to be romantic in nature. We may find a soulmate in a parent, sibling, friend or even a mentor; and we are likely to meet several soulmates in the course of life.

The idea of soulmates doesn’t end here. The concept of twin flames takes it a step further. A person’s twin flame or twin soul is known to be their literal other half–the two souls were once two halves of a divine whole. It is believed that they are of the same spiritual composition as they are, quite literally, one soul in two bodies. And theirs, believers say, is the ultimate love relationship.

The story of how twin souls came to be is explained by American author and spiritual leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the book Soulmates and Twin Flames – The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships. “God created you and your twin flame out of a single white fire body. He separated this white fire ovoid into two spheres of being–one with a masculine polarity and other with a feminine polarity, but each with the same spiritual origin and unique pattern of identity,” she writes.

Prophet goes on to explain that the two beings then descended to earth to spread God’s love through numerous incarnations. But over time, owing to fear, mistrust and a sense of separation from the Source, they parted ways. Through the ages, the souls keep seeking each other, never succeeding. And only by overcoming these setbacks and getting in touch with their spiritual selves, individually, will the beings begin to attract each other, explains Prophet in her book.

Believers consider a union of this kind extremely rare. But when it does occur, and the two halves reunite, they are said to share a connection like none other. “Twin flames are here to show the world a new way to love,” says I AM Jenifer, a Canada-based Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach. “Their relationship is not an ordinary one. It is based on friendship, freedom, peace, balance and equality between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. It is the ultimate love relationship,” she explains.

“When you meet your twin flame, you feel like you have finally come home. The other person feels it too.”

Reunited twin souls empower each other spiritually. They may not always be at the same stage on the path to spiritual awakening, hence the one who is further along helps the other in the process. Some say that the twin flame union occurs in the final incarnation of the two beings, following which the two souls together ascend from life on earth. However, tarot card reader Sheelaa Bajaj argues that this need not be the case. She believes that sometimes, only one of the twin souls is in their last lifetime.

But how can we know if we have met our twin soul? Are there signs? Will there be a moment of instant recognition? “Perhaps,” says Bajaj. “When you meet your twin flame, you feel like you have finally come home. The other person feels it too. You feel like you know them from another lifetime, like you have always known them. It then becomes impossible for you to let go of each other,” she says.

Some of us may have experienced such an encounter ourselves, or we may know people who share such an uncanny connection. There are countless online platforms where people from across the world discuss the nature of their relationships with their twin souls. Even Prophet and Jenifer have claimed to have met and married their twin flames.

However, believers admit that the odds of meeting one’s twin flame in one’s lifetime are astronomical. As Prophet writes in the book Twin Flames, Soul Mates and the Karma that Separates Us: “(…) given statistics and the law of averages, not everyone’s twin flame is his approximate age, is available, is in embodiment, and is necessarily an adjunct to one’s life calling. Your twin flame could be an Ascended Master (someone who has achieved spiritual awakening), your twin flame could be a baby, your twin flame could be in the octaves of light waiting to be born again on earth.”

So, while one can hope that their twin flame may be here on earth at this time, one must be prepared for the eventuality that it may not be one’s destiny to meet them in this life. The course one has to take in that case, Prophet suggests, is to continue elevating oneself spiritually. Even though you might be separated from them by space and time, you and your twin soul are connected at the soul-level. And as you ascend spiritually, the chances of attracting your twin soul increase, she reckons.

To a rational mind, the concept of twin flames might be hard to accept. It’s not often that one looks beyond physical, intellectual and emotional compatibility while seeking a life partner. And the near-impossibility of meeting one’s perfect spiritual match in this life doesn’t help cement the belief. And yet, we’re left with the intriguing possibility of such an astonishing encounter.

Maybe your twin flame is out there, working through their karma in preparation to meet you. Or perhaps they are already in your life, waiting for you to recognise them. How heartening is the idea that out there might be a Shiva to your Shakti, a Yin to your Yang, and it’s only a matter of time before your paths cross!

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