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The unseen nine unknown men of Ashoka

Legends have a special place in cultures across the globe. They give people an excuse to escape the walls of reality and enter the world of myths and fantasies, where anything is possible. History is filled with fascinating legends like that of King Arthur, Bloody Mary, and the Mayans that have captured the imagination of not only children but also scholars who have tried to find if there is any fabric of reality around them.

Among these legends is one that originated in India 2,000 years ago—the legend of the Nine Unknown. It is one that has been debated widely by conspiracy theorists, historians and authors alike. As per the legend, the Nine Unknown is a secret society that was created by Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Dynasty, which is still in existence today after 2,000 years. In this feature, Soulveda explores the fascinating legend of this society and the secret it is believed to be protecting.

Before he turned Buddhist following the Kalinga war, Ashoka is believed to have had one last task to finish. The Mauryan Empire had immensely valuable knowledge at their disposal, gathered and organised from their conquests, neighbours and enemies. This knowledge, collected over three generations of war, empowered the Mauryans to expand and thrive like no other dynasty at that time. And when Ashoka decided to leave everything behind to become a Buddhist, he feared more bloodshed would ensue if this knowledge fell into the wrong hands.

To prevent wars like Kalinga from happening again, the emperor organised the knowledge into nine volumes and gave their safekeeping to his nine most trusted men. Ashoka called them the Nine Unknown, who have come to be known as the Indian Illuminati in the modern era. Each book contained information and instructions that could alter the course of wars and even the course of history. For this reason, the Nine Unknown were commanded to leave the capital and scatter across the world, so that no one can ever lay their hands on these books. Before they left, Ashoka ordered them to never reveal their identity and never let anyone come near these books unless humankind is in dire need of help.

What is in the books

As per the legend, the contents of the nine books involve topics that the world today hails as fantastical and fictional.

Book 1 is about propaganda and psychological warfare. It is said to cover the science of manipulating the masses at will. With this book, any power can make the world dance to their tunes. We can only imagine the tragedy that would befall the world if such a book fell into the hands of someone like Adolf Hitler.

Book 2 covers human physiology—it is said to contain the secrets of the human body and its vulnerabilities. This book is just as dangerous as the last, as anyone can learn from its ways to manipulate pressure points, poison someone and kill more efficiently, even with a mere touch. It is believed by some that the Nine Unknown were behind the conception of the sport Judo.

Book 3 reveals secrets about microbiology—it delves into the world of microorganisms. Biological warfare—using microbes to create epidemics—and ways to develop medicines and vaccines are covered in this book.

Book 4 is all about alchemy. It sheds light on the transmutation of metals, a process that can turn lead into gold. Legend has it that in times of need, the Nine Unknown have distributed vast amounts of gold to temples over hundreds of years.

Book 5 dives into the depths of communication. This fascinating book is believed to highlight different ways to communicate with extra-terrestrial life. It suggests that the existence of alien life was common knowledge before the Common Era.

Book 6 is on gravitation. It is said to explore different dimensions of gravity, and the phenomenon of anti-gravity, which was arguably used by many monarchs to create aircraft called vimana.

Book 7 involves the study of cosmology. Subjects that are only seen in the sci-fi movies today—like time travel, wormholes and travelling between dimensions—are covered in the seventh book.

Book 8 describes the dynamics of light. This book revolves around understanding the nature of light and wielding its power at will. With this book, one can learn to travel at the speed of light and create weapons like lightsabres, it is believed.

Book 9 is said to be the holy grail of sociology. It covers different ways in which to predict the rise or fall of any society. It can be used to prevent civilisations from extinction.


Although these fascinating accounts may point towards the existence of the Nine Unknown, the actual existence of the society is still doubted and challenged strongly. Experts argue that there has never been any proof that they are real.

Are they real?

As per the conspiracists, there have been some cracks in the way the Nine Unknown have operated in the recent past. It is said that the Indian Illuminati release scraps of information from their books in the event of war or epidemic—such as vaccines for cholera and polio, technology to develop atomic bombs and the science of aeronautics. They sometimes reveal themselves to those they deem worthy to share secrets.

The legend of the Nine Unknown also talks about people who have been contacted by the members of the society. Pope Sylvester II, born in 920 CE, is believed to be one of the fortunate few who was contacted by the secret society. Pope Sylvester is said to have made a mysterious trip to India, from where he is said to have brought technologies well ahead of the times to Europe. The most popular object he brought was a small robotic head that could answer yes or no to questions on a wide range of subjects. Other than Pope Sylvester II, Louise Pasteur, Vikram Sarabhai, and Jagdish Chandra Bose—India’s pioneering forces in science—were also speculated to be associated with the Nine Unknown.

Over the years, many books have been written on the Nine Unknown. Among them, The Nine Unknown by Talbot Mundy, an ex-British policeman from India’s pre-Independence era, has been most popular. It describes in detail every secret that the society supposedly guards, including the usage of a secret language known only to its members.

Although these fascinating accounts may point towards the existence of the Nine Unknown, the actual existence of the society is still doubted and challenged strongly. Experts argue that there has never been any proof that they are real. But there wasn’t any for the city of Troy either, only rumours and legends until it was discovered in north-western Turkey in the late 19th century. Though the discovery doesn’t affirm the reality of the Nine Unknown, it does say something about legends. They are fiction until they are proven they are not.

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