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What’s your number?

You are casually surfing the internet with no agenda. As you click away to your heart’s content, you stumble upon a link that says, Find out your lucky number, predicting your future, for free! Fifteen minutes later, and you have no idea how, you are adding away furiously to make sense of it all.

It is very easy to get obsessed with numerology. Those bitten by the curiosity bug can’t keep away from something as catchy as ‘free future prediction’ or ‘compatibility calculator’.

Numerology, often referred to as a pseudoscience, is the study of numbers and their significance in defining human lives. There is a plethora of options to choose from–destiny numbers, angel numbers and life path numbers, to name a few.

To find your life path number, you need to add all digits of your birth date–date, month and year. Once you find your number, the world becomes your playground! You can read about your personality, find numbers you are compatible or incompatible with, find numbers that you can marry, the list is endless.

All single numbers–from one to nine–have their own personalities. Here’s a brief list.

Number 1

In one word-Power. This number is the alpha

Positive qualities: Leadership skills, passionate, motivated, self-driven

Negative qualities: Egotistical, self-centred, aggressive

Famous number 1s: Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney

Number 2

The word for number two is-Balance

Positive qualities: Great listener, loyal, compassionate

Negative qualities: Spoilt, lazy, oversensitive

Famous number 2s: Barack Obama, Madonna, Tony Blair, Jennifer Aniston

Number 3

The word for three is-Versatility

Positive qualities: Jovial, independent, communicative

Negative qualities: Complaining, extravagant, superficial

Famous number 3s: Jackie Chan, Celine Dion, Fidel Castro, Kevin Spacey

Number 4

The word for four is-Solidity

Positive qualities: Methodical, hard-working, dependable

Negative qualities: Stubborn, boring at times, rigid

Famous number 4s: Frank Sinatra, Brad Pitt, Nelly Furtado, Oprah Winfrey

Number 5

The word for five is-Adventure

Positive qualities: Free-spirited, risk-taker, curious

Negative qualities: Chaotic, irresponsible, unstable

Famous number 5s: Louis Armstrong, Vincent Van Gogh, Angelina Jolie, Andre Agassi

Number 6

The word for six is-Compassion

Positive qualities: Protective, loving, sincere

Negative qualities: Anxious, paranoid, jealous

Famous number 6s: Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder

Number 7

The word for seven is-Mystery

Positive qualities: Intellectual, analytical, gracious

Negative qualities: Sarcastic, aloof, melancholic

Famous number 7s: Bruce Lee, Heath Ledger, Stephen Hawking, Leonardo DiCaprio

Number 8

The word for eight is-Authority

Positive qualities: Balanced, efficient, realistic

Negative qualities: Workaholic, insensitive

Famous number 8s: Pablo Picasso, Enrique Iglesias, Alexander Graham Bell, Matt Damon

Number 9

The word for nine is-Leadership

Positive qualities: Charitable, generous, self-dependent

Negative qualities: Arrogant, fickle, overemotional

Famous number 9s: M K Gandhi, Harrison Ford, Elvis Presley, Jim Carrey

Self-analysis is hard and not everybody has an insight into themselves as well as one would like to believe. Rarely any opportunity to find more about us is dismissed without trial. Numerology, especially, seems to work tremendously for a lot of people on that front.


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