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Avoid loud and aggressive persons


Who is a loud person? And why is a certain person loud in the first place? The person who feels deep down inferior is always loud. He is afraid that if he is not loud you will see his weakness if he is not loud you may be able to see his inferiority; if he is not loud he may be exposed. By being loud he creates smoke around himself: he hides behind his loudness.

Alfred Adler’s insight is right when he says that all politicians basically suffer from inferiority complexes. Unless somebody suffers from an inferiority complex he will not go into politics. Politics is loud, very loud, very noisy, and very aggressive. The inferior person tries to prove that he is not inferior. He wants to hide his inferiority by becoming a prime minister, by becoming a president, by having much money, by conquering the world.

Alexander the Great must have suffered from a greater inferiority complex than anybody else; otherwise who bothers to conquer the world? When he was coming to India he met a tremendously beautiful man, Diogenes. And Diogenes asked him, “Why are you bothering to conquer the world? Why not conquer yourself?”

Alexander said, “What you are saying is true, but right now I cannot stop. I have to finish what I have decided to do. First, I have to conquer the world and then I will do what you are saying to me.”

Seek the company of the humble, of the simple, of the silent ones, of the non-political, of the non-aggressive, and you may learn much.

Diogenes said, “There will be no time left then–the world is vast. By the time you have conquered it, your life will have slipped out of your hands.”

But he did not listen. And that’s what actually happened: he could not reach back to his home. He died on the way back from India.

People always try to prove something which they feel they are missing.

They are empty, they have nothing. You cannot learn anything from them. On the contrary they will distract your mind. They will give their stupid ideas to you. They will advise you and guide you.

Seek the company of the humble, of the simple, of the silent ones, of the non-political, of the non-aggressive, and you may learn much. But it is always learned in the company of the innocent. Yes, you can learn much more by playing with children than by being with a politician. You can learn much more even by being with animals or trees than by being with the so-called rich.

Avoid ambitious people, otherwise something of their fever is bound to infect you, is bound to affect you. You may start moving in a direction which is not yours.

Excerpted from Guida Spirituale by Osho

Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life.


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