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Experiencing supersensuous bliss

All humans seek happiness. Happiness is the fundamental desire behind all dreams, desires and goals. All human endeavours – good or bad – ultimately are linked to personal happiness. This is so because we believe that happiness is attained when conditions in our life match our expectations of favourable situations and the behaviour of others.

But happiness based on external conditions is fickle and superficial. As a result, most humans spend their lives chasing happiness in material things, social status, egocentric roles and goals and self-centred relationships.

The happiness we experience today is derived from sensual pleasures such as sight, sound, taste and touch. All sensory happiness is transient. How long does the joy of watching a good movie or eating a delicious dessert last? We experience the other type of happiness at the mental and emotional level. Knowledge, relationships, creativity and success boost our self-worth and make us feel happy. Yet such happiness is conditional, limited and temporary.

Human beings have lost the experience of true, lasting happiness. There is a state of being or experience that transcends the need to engage or indulge in sensual pleasures. It is not dependent on situations or people’s behaviour towards us. It is much more than happiness–it is known as supersensuous bliss.

Bliss is a state of being of all human souls. It is a state of completeness and fullness in which we are so full of all attainments within that we radiate contentment and joy naturally. Happiness is experienced when the soul engages with senses and the physical world and when the soul expresses its creativity or relates to other souls in a meaningful and loving way. Happiness is experienced when a soul comes from a state of being into a state of doing and there is an exchange of energy in the form of thoughts and actions.

Human beings can experience true bliss by knowing and belonging to God. God is the only soul, the Supreme Soul, who is not entangled or influenced by physical senses, time, space and karma.

Bliss is a very subtle and pure state of being, which does not require us to engage with the senses or even with emotions or thoughts. It is experienced purely through awareness of the true self. When we can truly experience who we are, i.e., when we experience our innate goodness, our divinity and magnificence and our eternal belongingness with God and harmony with the rest of human souls, we can be truly blissful.

God is known as Sat-chit-anand–one who is always true, always aware and blissful. The awareness of truth about the self, God and the cycle of time helps us to attain a blissful state. Being a child of God is itself a state of completeness and fullness. A child of God cannot be imperfect or lacking in any of the inner treasures of virtues and powers.

Human beings can experience true bliss by knowing and belonging to God. God is the only soul, the Supreme Soul, who is not entangled or influenced by physical senses, time, space and karma. God imparts true wisdom, which liberates us from all bondages. God teaches us how to live in a soul-conscious way and experience a loving communion with Him. Rajyoga–communion with God–opens the doorway to supersensuous bliss.

The greatest fortune of human souls is to experience this kind of bliss in the companionship of God, who has now descended on earth to guide us back to our original state of purity, peace and bliss. This is only possible at the present time, known as the auspicious Sangamyuga–the confluence of Kaliyuga and Satyuga. When God is bestowing such bliss, why should we waste our life in chasing fake and fickle happiness?

Dadi Janki


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