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Infinite potential of the mind: The revolutionary shift


Once the discussion amongst those still trapped in the tunnel ends, the news goes across, “Don’t move, don’t go, don’t listen or you might end up going out and perhaps, he is trying to kill you.” So after trying desperately for many days, the man decides, “Well, they won’t listen. Let me lead my life.”

This story is just an illustration of how caught up we are in the rut of daily life.

And, the ‘limitations’ imposed upon us by the world. We neglect. Well, why neglect? We forget, that there is one part of our mind that has such tremendous potential. We almost disbelieve in that potential because we have been taught to disbelieve in it.

The ancient teachers, the great mystics, the great teachers have gone beyond the little black tunnel and seen the light–the blinding light!

They have, for ages, come with this message–”Look man, this is not the only world. There is something beyond and you can reach it because your mind has been programmed to feel and to experience the infinity, to experience the wonderful freedom that lies beyond.”

But, like our friends in the dark tunnel, nobody listens because they have got tied up to the way of thinking, the way of limited understanding, in which the mind is chained.

It is a wonderful feeling of vastness and expansiveness, which the mind, accustomed to the narrow lanes of the village, cannot understand. 

Therefore, the first step, to find that potential is to open the mind and say, “Look, there may be different ways of thinking.”

Thinking may not be just one-dimensional. Perhaps, the mind has other ways of moving, other than the, ‘ah, from-here-to-there movement’–the unilateral movement. There must be some other way.

So, the first step is to open the mind into that thought, which means to question what we have been taught, to question the way we have been asked to look at life, to question everything until we say “Okay, maybe there is a way out of this mess, Okay?”

And, this revolutionary shifting of thinking can happen to anybody, because there are brief periods of time, however, infinitesimally small, when the human mind does encounter a kind of timeless infinite feeling. It can happen to different people at different times. For instance, somebody might be from a village, where there is no sea and he might never have travelled outside the village. Once taken to the beach where the eye sees the sea for the first time, the mind tries to define it, yet finds it is indefinable, infinite. It is a wonderful feeling of vastness and expansiveness, which the mind, accustomed to the narrow lanes of the village, cannot understand. But having seen it, as an actual fact, he says, “Oh, yes, here it is.”

This can happen to different people in different ways. When we come upon something so vast like the beautiful mountains, wonderful forests or a lovely bird in flight, for instance.


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