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Know Thyself: Different forms one reality


The Moon is feminine and the Sun is masculine–cool silvery light and hot fire. So, when virility of the Sun or the hot glowing light unites with the cool light (matter) of the Moon, then whatever comes into being is formed and formless. Therefore, whatever you see here, says the Rishi, is itself matter.

Now, he says in the sixth sloka:

Athaaditya Udayanyat Praachiim Disham Pravishati

The Sun, after rising, enters the eastern side, by that he bathes in his rays all life that is in the East. When he illumes all the other sides–the North, the South, the West, above and below and in between, he bathes with his rays all living beings. This means, the Prana or life energy in the form of the sun’s light bathes the entire Universe in the four directions.

Sa Esa Vaisvaanaro Visvarupah

This is He, the Vaisvanaara fire, assuming every form. The verse of the Rig Veda declares that it is life and fire that rises everyday. Now, the Vaisvanaara is supposed to be the fire, which is the essence of living beings–the life, the Prana, the energy that glows in all human beings; while Visvarupah is the essence of the whole Universe. So, the Rishi says that this light that appears of the sun is the Vaisvanaara, the fire that assumes every form and rises everyday. This is what the Rig Veda says too. And, about the Vaisvanaara or the Supreme essence that pervades everything, the Upanishad declares: Visvarupam Harinam Jatavedasam.

Rishi says that this light that appears of the sun is the Vaisvanaara, the fire that assumes every form and rises everyday.

This Vaisvanaara is the Lord who has all forms–the golden one, the Sun, the all-knowing, the goal of all, sole-light, the giver of energy possessing thousands of rays, existing in hundreds of forms. Thus rises the Sun, the life of all creation. Here, the Sun is a symbol of the Supreme primordial life energy–the Vaisvanaara–that pervades all objects, protects all objects, and gives life to everything on Earth.

The poet, the Rishi, also known as the Kavi, praises that Supreme Being in beautiful sentences:

Visvarupam Harinam

You see the imagination–like Einstein said–is sometimes more important than knowledge. Look at the beauty of this expression:

Vishvaruupam Harinam Jaatavedasam

Paraayanam Jyotirekam Tapantam.h|

Sahasrarashmih Shatadhaa Vartamaanah

Praanah Prajaanaa Mudayatyeshha Suuryah|

The Surya (Sun)–the life of all creation, the golden one, the all-knowing, the goal of all, sole-light, the giver of energy, possessing a thousand rays, and existing in hundreds of forms–is considered as the one reality, the essence of the Supreme, the Brahman.

Isha Vasya Idam Sarvam

As the Ishavasya Upanishad says, it exists in hundreds of forms.


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