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Kundalini: Mind free of illusions


The next chakra is the one situated at the throat. This is known as the Vishuddha chakra–the chakra of purity. The Vishuddha chakra is symbolised by an oval and its representative colour is indigo and the tattwa is akasha–the ether. Akasha tattwa, according to the Sankhya philosophy and the tantra, is that from which everything else comes, all forms are created and that into which all forms merge at the end. So, this is akasha. In English, it can be best translated as ether but then it is just a translation.

So, now the Kundalini energy has come up to, let us say, the Vishuddha chakra and therefore consciousness has risen from the gross–from solid to liquid to the still subtler gaseous and then, on to the level of akasha which is ether.

Now, what remains are two chakras. The next one situated between the eyebrows is called the Brumadhya or the Agya chakra. It is symbolised as a pure, white, two-petaled lotus with a small milk white linga in the centre and it is the centre that opens the doorways to the highest levels of consciousness. If you see the figure of Lord Shiva, lord of the yogis, the only deity who sits in the cross legged posture and meditates, you’ll see that he has a third eye.

Now that third eye is a very important centre, a very important chakra called the Agya chakra or the Brumadhya. There is a story in the Shiva Purana about Kamadeva–the god of love, the god of sex, the god of emotion, the god of desire. Kama can best be translated as desire; any desire–sensuous, non-sensuous desire as such. Kamadeva, the god of desire, is supposed to shoot arrows of flowers at human beings and even the gods and they fall under his power.

When the third eye or the centre, which is known as the Agya chakra is activated by the Kundalini energy, then the mind understands the reality behind all illusion.

Now this Kamadeva, poor guy, once went to Lord Shiva and tried to shoot his arrows of desire at him. Shiva, the mighty lord of the yogis, who had conquered all desire and was supreme and peaceful is supposed to have opened his third eye, the eye of knowledge, and Kamadeva was burnt to ashes instantly. This means that when the third eye or the centre, which is known as the Agya chakra is activated by the Kundalini energy, then the mind understands the reality behind all illusion.

Therefore, all illusions are burnt to ashes, which means that one arrives at and achieves supreme satisfaction, unlimited bliss and happiness. Therefore, one has no other desire left and this happens when the Kundalini energy reaches the Agya chakra.

So, the Agya chakra is the doorway to the highest chakra where one completely merges with the Supreme Being. The topmost, highest chakra at the crown of the head, is known as the Sahasrara chakra or the thousand-petaled lotus–thousand petaled simply means infinite, it is a symbol of the infinite.

The colour associated with the Sahasrara chakra is not one single colour, it is technicolour–all colours flow out of this chakra. In fact, if one is clairvoyant and looks at the Sahasrara chakra, what is seen is a fountain that seems to come out from the crown of the head and flows in all directions around the body in different colours, multitudinous colours–colours which are so bright and lively that one may not see such colours on this earth.

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