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Let beautiful things echo in the mind

There is so much happiness and where does it all come from? Where did we learn how to smile? Fly on the flying carpet and don’t come down.

Question: According to the present time it feels like the final moments are close so what kind of efforts do we need to make to constantly remain flying and enable others to fly?

This is everyone’s desire to keep flying. Avyakt Bapdada has given so much sustenance and there may be a few Brahma Kumaris (BKs) who have taken sustenance from Brahma Baba too. I have taken this. My heart desires that just as I have drawn Baba’s sustenance (I never asked for sustenance from Baba), others can too. Now according to drama, Avyakt Bapdada calls me on stage and whispers in my ears. Baba is on the right and on my left is fortune. What else is left? The heart, mind, intellect and resolves.  Each one should ask: ‘Is the Comforter of Hearts my companion?’ As a detached observer, we see how good and easy the knowledge we receive is. There is no need to read or write too much… one should just remain introverted and always be happy and flying.

I have taken so much benefit from introversion. When we don’t go into extroversion, we enjoy silence so much. I can see how everyone loves silence. The effort for success is the effort of the heart.

It is important to remain unshakeable and immoveable with no mischief or desires for anything. No comparison, dislike or jealousy. These things bring a great loss. We have to check our drishti in relationship to these vices. We must check our attitude and awareness closely. What do we keep in our awareness? Do we hold on to whatever Baba has taught us or do we remember anything else? The strength of time is such that we receive the fruit of all the actions we perform. We receive fruit through karma and power through yoga.

Effort makers are those who maintain attention on themselves and receive the benefit from this. During the last three years, Brahma Baba didn’t come out of Pandav Bhawan gates. He would be either in his hut or his room and where the Tower of Peace is. He would take us for a walk. I remember this very well. We would have such great conversations with him. The office was outside where Ishu Dadi would sit and Baba would sit in a chair too. Dada Vishwa Ratan would often sleep there. He was such a good protector of the home at that time. I am sharing this because even a little carelessness or laziness doesn’t allow us to make good effort. One must never waste his/her time being lazy, or in going here and there. One must have heard what people say about me… that I care, share and inspire.

I share what Baba has said. Baba has inspired me so much that the heart desires to keep the hand of Shrimat over my head. This hand is not heavy. Why do we experience heaviness? When we think about what is old and what has happened in the past. It is important to free oneself from this. We continue to study the teachings that God has given us. He has his hopes in us and we, his children, should use our time in a worthwhile way. Those who have surrendered their mind, body and wealth, their thoughts, words and actions will be elevated and express happiness. Beautiful things echo inside the mind.

I saw how Baba’s stage remained unshakeable and immoveable despite having the responsibility of the Yagya. One day I was sitting on Mamma’s bed and it was cold so I had a shawl around me, and Baba came in and asked, “What are you doing, child?” I told him that I was sitting on Mamma’s bed and feeling Mamma’s stage in me.

The ones who prepare food are very fortunate. For the first five years in London, I would prepare the food. When Baba first gave me directions to go abroad, I first said “No” and then Baba with a lot of love, took me to class with him. He then asked me in class whether I ever experienced sorrow. I looked at him and with a lot of love told him, “No, I don’t receive sorrow or give sorrow.” Then it doesn’t matter what happens. As a detached observer, when we churn, reflect and think on things deeply, we can use Gyan….in our words, in the way we move, through our interactions and our behaviour. We need to receive and give respect. I saw Baba and Mamma do this in a practical way. I paid attention to my actions and relationships to such an extent that others should not feel heavy with me, especially those who I live with. Heaviness is in our thoughts, words and actions so one should pay attention to all these three. Others should see that Baba is our Mother, Father, Friend, Teacher and Satguru. I have never said “I am tired, or fed-up and I have never asked to be left alone. It doesn’t matter what my state of health is, I am always happy to meet people. I stayed for 16 years in Pune and naturally did yagya service there. I had such a deep desire to do yagya service and now I see others doing this.

Baba once went to Dilwala temple to see our memorial and a few days later he asked me to go and find ‘my alcove’. I was very happy to hear it from Baba. He taught me such things that I can never forget. Wherever we do service, we should make sure that whoever makes food remembers Baba and offers bhog. One should never forget this.

Baba used to live an extremely simple life within Pandav Bhavan. During the ‘beggary part’, we had no grains at all and so the one in charge of the kitchen would wait until Dada Vishwa Ratan had been to the post office to see what money had been sent in the mail and food was cooked on the basis of this. Many left during this time, and I felt pity for them. Many souls even now don’t have the aim to harmonise their traits. Let our interaction be based on honesty and love so that others may say that we are wonderful souls. We are wonderful because we don’t speak waste, or listen to waste.

I can tell you about the wonderful efforts of the ancestor souls. I can give their introduction very well, as I knew them all. And I wonder why I am still in this body today and I ask Baba what is the point of keeping me in this body. Someone told me there is no visa at the moment for me to go to the advance party. This is how they joke with me. Baba is the one who makes me move. How does he do this? It is so wonderful. Let’s smile in a natural way. Let the whole gathering smile. The yagya is so huge now, including the kitchen. Yet in Pandav Bhawan the kitchen is still as it was in Baba’s days. We should pay attention to be accurate with karma yoga as this is yagya service. Baba is happy and we are also happy. He is making us the knowers of the third eye, the knowers of the three aspects of time and the knowers of the three worlds.

This is the true Diwala temple

When we touch our hearts we remember sweet Baba. Sweet Baba loves us and we love Baba. Each and every soul is very good. Baba loves and remembers everyone. How much love he has for us is seen in the murlis. The more one has a soul-conscious stage, the more one has love for the one Father. Rajyoga is very easy yoga. Most of us have seen the Dilwala temple. Practically we are all sitting in the Diwala temple. This is the true Dilwala temple. It is wonderful. This temple is natural. There are many wonderful things in the murlis. Baba speaks of being worthy of worship and worshippers. We are becoming worthy of worship. We must ask ourselves–are we becoming worthy of worship?

Baba has talked about doing service through the picture of Kalpa tree

In the beginning Dadi was in Bombay and when Dadi was in her loukik home, her home was very small. The balcony was very small in size. In those days Baba asked Dada Vishwa Ratan to explain more about the tree. There were many good souls who would come and listen and they would become happy.

While reading the murli, Dadi experiences extra happiness when Baba gives directions and they are being followed practically.

Whatever Baba says is happening practically. Everyone’s heart says: Baba I will look at you always to mould my life.


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