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Looking beyond for redemption

A mere glance at the human condition today suffices to tell us that all is not well with our world. Behind the veneer of technical glitz and glamour of much-touted progress lies the shameful and sad story of human suffering and degradation of the spirit.

The fast decline of moral values in our world is evident everywhere. Our mind is inundated by images of sleaze and slaughter, deceit, corruption and sorrow. Whether it’s the TV or the internet, there is enough being shown to make us bury our head in shame, if any shame is still left in humans.

The consequences are nerve-shattering and widespread. Never before in history have there been so many fragmented societies and families as we have today. Broken families, separated couples, single parents and the neglected elderly have become common features in most urban societies.

Nature has perhaps borne the biggest brunt of human follies. The earth is under siege. Air, water, land–nothing has escaped the toxic assault unleashed by harmful technologies and human activities. Ominous predictions about climate change and unprecedented natural calamities seem quite real now. The recent Uttarakhand disaster is a clear warning that nature has begun to take its revenge.

A psychological scan of the human world lays bare the overwhelming sense of fear and insecurity that we live in. Almost everyone everywhere is vulnerable to some kind of attack or mishap–disease, natural, political or economic disasters, accidents, terrorism, unemployment–there are so many things to make one insecure.

God’s role is always linked to bad times. He does not manifest Himself during good times. He always performs His tasks at the most critical time. He is invoked as the liberator, redeemer and saviour.

Where are we headed from here? If we analyse the situation at the human level we may arrive at the conclusion that the situation is beyond repair. The solutions are anyway too limited and skewed to deal with the mess we have created. We need to look for answers at a level that is above human.

It is now that we need to tap into the eternal connection that each human spirit or soul has with its creator. God is the saviour who shows us the way to liberate us from this disorder and suffering. He gives us the wisdom and might to perform righteous actions that will help us regain the paradise we have lost. He does not interfere directly in human actions, nor does He sit in judgement. He lets us use our free will to follow the path He is showing so that each one of us can understand the truth and create the world we all dream to live in.

God’s role is always linked to bad times. He does not manifest Himself during good times. He always performs His tasks at the most critical time. He is invoked as the liberator, redeemer and saviour. We are living in a transitory age when God is renewing the present old world and creating a new world of peace and happiness. God is truth. Hence, He has the supreme wisdom and power to recreate heaven on earth. He sets right the root cause of human misery and that is spiritual ignorance and moral degradation. Through His knowledge we get enlightened and through His love we get empowered.

When human souls transform their thoughts and actions based on Godly wisdom, their pure attitude and feelings bring about positive change in the world. Gradually, this change is manifest on a larger scale. More and more people around the world are awakening to this spiritual experience and are on the way to personal transformation. When we change, the world will change. This is the motto for solving the human crisis.

A negative thought can harm, pollute, cheat or kill. A positive thought can heal, uplift, inspire and empower. Godly wisdom can transform the worst human spirits into elevated, divine beings. Hence, it is time for a shift in our consciousness. We have to look beyond human limitations and be open to receive the supreme guidance being offered by Almighty God and see His magic unfolding a new world of peace and joy.

Dadi Janki


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