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Taking full charge of my experiences

Whether we are aware of it or not, we experience meditative states from time to time. It could be in the form of daydreaming, communing with nature, listening to soothing music or just chilling out by ourselves. Meditation is our natural state.

On a deeper level, meditation is a means to tap inner power. For one thing, it enables us to recognise profound truths: one is the self being more than the physical body, and the second is the Source of Truth.

The foundation of meditation is experiencing the soul as an energy inhabiting the body. With the understanding of being a soul and using the body as a medium of expression, we can take charge of the nature of our experiences.

If, throughout the day, the mind is occupied in external things, then without that foundation of soul-consciousness and detachment from the body, meditation takes much longer or maybe it’s just a struggle and doesn’t actually happen.

Concentration will occur only when our feelings, emotions and motivations are completely clean and pure. For instance, when things are beyond our control, it is best to remain calm and just connect with the source.

If I’m responsible for the situation, then let me do right actions. But if I’ve done the best that I can, and the situation has not improved and there are other factors that aren’t my responsibility and there’s nothing more I can do, I am responsible for my own feelings and state of being. If that situation has sent my mind racing, what kind of meditation can I have?

What makes it hard to concentrate? That is attributed to remembering situations and negative feelings spurred by an unpleasant event and baggage.

Maybe over a period of time I’ve been carrying sorrow and hurt for whatever reason. Maybe other people are out of line; even so, they are responsible for that. I have to look after my feelings. If I allow myself to take sorrow from the situation, I won’t be able to focus.

To develop the power of silence, clean out the mind and also intellect, which manages thoughts. The mind is linked to the thinking process, as the heart is with feeling and experiencing.

“To develop the power of silence, clean out the mind and also intellect, which manages thoughts. The mind is linked to the thinking process, as the heart is with feeling and experiencing. “

The mind is an area of continuous activity. Thoughts surface into awareness like bubbles. Many thoughts are linked with desires or emotions. Sometimes they are manifested in the functions of the body–the heart throbs with excitement, the stomach sinks in fear, or the mouth salivates in expectation.

These thoughts and feelings emanate from the soul. Understanding the process frees us from useless thoughts and emotions. Further, when we create thoughts with an emotional element, those feelings will leave a deep impression even on the physical level. The longer we dwell on those thoughts, the greater our tendency to generate them unconsciously.

The hurt that we carry are very deep and our expectations are very high. If those expectations are not met, feelings accumulate. We don’t even realise it but very often on the surface we may be too polite to express ourselves. But we carry the hurt inside, suppressing them. And so there’s a build-up.

Consequently, we are not able to still the mind, let alone enjoy meditation.

More important, we miss out on the simple joys and contentment that are rightfully ours. If I’m not content, what’s wrong? What is inside of me? Sometimes it’s too painful even to look at it. How can I heal myself? How can I have the power to forgive?

Getting out of the negative cycle of thinking starts with opening the heart and accepting that we cannot do it alone. We cannot do it alone. We have to direct our thoughts to the Divine, the only way to feel the love and happiness guaranteed to provide enduring well-being.

The Supreme Surgeon is my healer, and He can heal me if I’m willing to let go of the burden that I’m carrying and if I declare that I really don’t want it any more. Should any demons and ghosts come up from the past, I shouldn’t face them alone. The Almighty is by my side to protect me, so that once and for all evil spirits can be chased away.

The transformative process of meditation is just like a rough stone whose rough edges are softened by the mountain stream. Like mountain water, good feelings are soft and sweet, but they are also very powerful when maintained. They will remove my own rough edges over time and do the same for others if I continue to do what I know is right. I just have to maintain the flow by keeping connected to the Source.

BK Jayanti

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