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Acceptance dissolves problems


If there is fear and you start doing something about it, then a new fear has entered: fear of the fear. It has become more complex. So, the one thing to be done is, if fear is there, accept it. Don’t do anything about it because doing will not help. Anything that you do out of fear will create more fear; anything that you do out of confusion will add more to confusion. Don’t do anything. If fear is there note down that fear is there and accept it. What can you do? Nothing can be done; fear is there. See, if you can just note down the fact that fear is there, where is the fear then? You have accepted it; it has dissolved. Acceptance dissolves; only acceptance, nothing else. If you fight you create another disturbance, and this can go on ad infinitum, then there is no end to it.

Out of fear, if you do something it will become a fear again. Out of hate, if you try to love that love will just be a hidden hate; it cannot be anything else-you are full of hate. Go to the preachers and they will say, “Try to love.” They are talking nonsense because how can a person who is full of hate try to love? If he tries to love, this love will come out of hatred; it will be poisoned already, poisoned from the very source. And this is what the misery of all preachers is.

Gandhi said to people who were violent: try to be nonviolent. Then their nonviolence comes out of violence, so their nonviolence is just a facade, just a face to show. Deep down, they are boiling with violence. If your brahmacharya, your celibacy, comes out of too much sexuality, it will be perverted sex, nothing else.

Accept the suffering and pass through it; don’t escape. This is a totally different dimension to work in.

So please don’t create any conflict. If you have one problem, don’t create another; remain with the one, don’t fight and create another. It is easier to solve one problem than to solve another; and the first is near the source, the second will be removed. The further removed, the more impossible it becomes to solve it.

If you have a fear, you have a fear—why make a problem out of it? Then you know that you have a fear, just as you have two hands. Why create a problem out of it—as if you have only one nose, not two? Why create a problem out of it? Fear is there: accept it, note it. Accept it, don’t bother about it. What will happen? Suddenly you will feel it has disappeared. And this is the inner alchemy—a problem disappears if you accept it, and a problem grows more and more complex if you create any conflict with it.

Yes, suffering is there, and suddenly fear comes—accept it. It is there and nothing can be done about it. And when I say nothing can be done about it, don’t think that I am talking about pessimism to you. When I say nothing can be done about it. I am giving you the key to solve it.

Suffering is there. It is part of life and part of growth; nothing is bad in it. Suffering becomes evil only when it is simply destructive and not creative at all; suffering becomes bad only when you suffer and nothing is gained out of it. But I am telling you the divine can be gained through suffering; then it becomes creative. Darkness is beautiful if the dawn is coming out of it soon; darkness is dangerous if it is endless, leads to no dawn, simply continues and continues and you go on moving in a rut, in a vicious circle. This is what is happening to you. Just to escape from one suffering you create another; then to escape from another, another. And this goes on and on and all those sufferings which you have not lived are waiting for you. You have escaped but you escape from one suffering to another, because a mind which was creating a suffering will create another. So, you can escape from this suffering to that, but suffering will be there because your mind is the creative force.

Accept the suffering and pass through it; don’t escape. This is a totally different dimension to work in. Suffering is there: encounter it, go through it. Fear will be there, accept it. You will tremble, so tremble. Why create a facade that you don’t tremble, that you are not afraid? If you are a coward, accept it.


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