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Are you a true satsangi?

Who is a true satsangi? Not the one who attends the satsang, but one who absorbs the pure vibrations of the satsang, listens to every word carefully, goes home and ponders over the teachings and puts them into practice. At times, hundreds of devotees come to satsang, but I cannot help thinking that only a handful among them have true spiritual intentions. But, it does not matter. Some of these devotees will surely reap the benefits of the pure and sacred environment, while the others will make a beginning in the right direction.

There was a devotee who had regularly attended satsang for 30 years. His son, a young man, often wondered why his father attended the satsang every day. What could he possibly gain out of it? So, one day, he decided to accompany his father and attend the satsang. He listened to the discourse, about the Creator, who is our Father, our Protector and our Guide. He heard the speaker say, “All Creation is one family. We all are His children and therefore, we should help one another.” The words touched him deeply, and he carried these words in his heart.

That is why I said, a true satsangi is the one who carries the message of the satsang with him, imbibes it and puts into practice.

Next day, when he went to open his shop, a cow came along and put her mouth in the sack full of wheat. This young man having heard the discourse in the satsang, was awakened. He realised clearly that all creation is one family and that it was his duty to feed the cow. So, he gently patted the cow as she nibbled the wheat.

When his father saw this, he rudely admonished him; “Can’t you see the cow is ruining our grains? Don’t just stand there, drive it away!”

The son replied, “How much can the cow eat? 1 Kilo, 2 Kilos or 3 Kilos at most? That will not make us poorer. For God has given us enough.”

The father was astonished. He asked his son, “Where did you learn this lesson?” The son replied, “Dear father, I attended the satsang yesterday and this was the lesson I learnt there.” Hearing this, the father was unhappy. He told his son, “Whatever you hear in the satsang is only for that moment. Once you leave the satsang hall, you forget all about it and learn to live a practical life.”

That is why I said, a true satsangi is the one who carries the message of the satsang with him, imbibes it and puts into practice. We all should be true satsangis.


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