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Attaining angelic attributes

Angels are popularly known in religious stories and folklore in many parts of the world. Angels are bridges between humans and God, between the physical and the subtle spiritual world. They are believed to be instruments of God helping human beings when they pray for support.

Angels are shown as having human features but a body of light. They are usually shown with wings and an aura of light around them. All these signs of an angel’s outer appearance signify their elevated spiritual state. The wings of the angel are symbolic of spiritual knowledge and spiritual powers which it has received from God. The wings of an angel also symbolise the lightness and freedom from negativities, attachments and karmic bondages of human world.

What are the attributes that can help a human soul to attain an angelic state?

An angel is totally surrendered to God. Angels are double light–they have a body of light and they are always light in their mind and heart. They have no trace of negative or waste thoughts or impressions. They are so deeply in love with God–the source of light–that they are constantly radiating light, love and peace to the world. An angel’s task is to shower divine light and might on human beings.

In order to become light and pure like an angel we have to let go of all vices such as lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Angels are pure and innocent beings.

We can attain angelic state by constantly having an elevated attitude and pure feelings for all. Angels have feelings of benevolence for everyone. In the present time all human beings are suffering in some degree. They are in the bondage of vices and committing sins. Having benevolence means having mercy for even those who do wrong deeds, it means to wish for the wellbeing of all humans at all times.

Angels are also tireless and active beings and are always shown as flying and serving. They have constant zeal and enthusiasm. They are constantly serving with their thoughts, feelings and actions. They appreciate the qualities of everyone. They have faith in others’ goodness and help them express their specialities.

They are aware of being instruments of God hence they are able to fulfil the needs of human souls by sharing the right power or virtue with them.

Angels have feelings of belongingness for all. They give support and co-operation to all. They are not limited by any feelings of separateness or discrimination. They are not attached to any particular group or individuals. They do not judge even those who are doing wrong actions. They have a sense of oneness towards entire humanity, accepting and loving all.

All these qualities of an angel develop from the fundamental practice of soul consciousness. To become an angel we have to be aware of our spiritual identity of being light and might whilst living in the human body. Angels are detached from attachment to the physical body, its sensual pleasures, relationships and material assets. They have the awareness that we are all souls–the children of one Supreme Father–beings of light filled with peace, love, truth and bliss.

Angels are always connected to and close to God–the Supreme Light. They have the power of silence. An angel communicates with the language of pure spiritual silence. Angels are commonly shown with magic wands in their hands, with which they shower blessings on others.

Angels have unlimited and unconditional love for everyone yet they are detached like God. They are aware of being instruments of God hence they are able to fulfil the needs of human souls by sharing the right power or virtue with them. Angels are always bestowing spiritual gifts and lifting up human souls by helping them shed their burdens.

Dadi Janki


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