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Becoming accustomed to a new world

Becoming accustomed to a new world

Any animal or human being experiences a certain shock on step­ping into a new environment. To avoid suffering from the effects of culture shock, human beings go through a period of prepara­tion before switching to a new environment. Only then are they in a position to enjoy the pleasures that it has to offer.

All men are destined to leave this world. The journey they will undertake after death will be more momentous than any they have undertaken in their lives. The conditions of the next world will be entirely different from those they have experienced on earth. In this world people succeed by all sorts of underhand means; in the next world, there will be only one basis of success, and that will be the real worth of one’s own actions.

In this world, it is often injustice that holds sway; the next world will be one of total and perfect justice. In this world man can excuse himself by casting a camouflage of words upon his actions; in the next world, empty words will have no weight. Only those words that are supported by reality will ring true.

Before switching to this totally different world man needs to be­come accustomed to it. For this reason, God sends His prophets to teach man the conditions that will prevail in the eternal world for which he is bound. He reveals His scriptures to enable man to prepare himself for the next world and adopt its conditions before he gets there. If man fails to take heed of these warnings, however, then he will reach the next world unprepared; he will be exposed to such massive shock that he will not be fit to enjoy the untold blessings that lie there.


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