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Kundalini: Awakening the energy


Sri Vidya mantra is to be initiated by the teacher to the disciple who is found to be suitable for the initiation. There are many reasons for this but the simplest reason is that, we are dealing with infinite energies here. This is not a joke. We are not talking about fiction.

We are talking about ‘Parashakthi‘–the infinite energy of which electricity, gravity and magnetism are derivations. So, we are talking about the sum total of all energies. And that resides in a small way, of course, as the Kundalini in the Mooladhara chakra of all human beings. Now to arouse this energy without proper preparation would be disastrous. I know of cases where this has happened.

The body and the mind should be made fit enough to take the shock of the awakening of this energy. This is why some of the techniques of Sri Vidya, for instance, or many others are kept secret. It is not because somebody is jealous that you would learn it but because it could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

In fact, my Master Maheshwarnath Babaji, said that to teach Sri Vidya to someone, whose mind has not been purified and who is not mature enough to take the right decisions, is like putting a child in a room full of dynamite, and giving the child a match box. You know what the result will be.

“When the practice of Thummo is properly done with complete attention, then the body heats up, and its temperature goes up.”

You could even compare it with putting a small bulb from your flashlight into a 240-watt mains plug point. Not only would the bulb fuse but your circuit breaker will trip and the whole house will be plunged in darkness for some time. So, Sri Vidya is to be learnt and done on a person-to-person basis.

Apart from the whole process of awakening the Kundalini at the Mooladhara and taking it step-by- step through the different centres till it reaches the Sahasrara chakra, there are also possibilities of awakening only some chakras for certain purposes by making the Kundalini activate them.

For example, the Tibetan yogis and Tibetan Lamas–not all but the yogis amongst them who are followers of ‘Milarepa’, the great yogi, and live in the Himalayan heights amidst the snow-capped mountains where the temperature goes much below zero–have a way of making the Kundalini active in the Manipura chakra or the Kundalini chakra, which is in the navel. This technique of awakening and activating the Manipura chakra is called in Tibetan as ‘Thummo‘.

Thummo is a certain breathing technique that is actually simple and involves deep breathing, holding the breath, fixing the attention on the Manipura chakra, churning the stomach (moving the stomach muscles as is done in neti kriya by hatha yogis), and continuous chanting of Rung–the bijakshara of the Manipura chakra while visualising fire in the chakra which is again imagined to burst forth into flames and move all over the abdominal area with the tongues of the flame leaping towards other parts of the body.

When the practice of Thummo is properly done with complete attention, then the body heats up, and its temperature goes up.

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