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Power of positive thinking

I have met some people who make their ailments and disabilities into veritable calling card. They flaunt their diseases almost like badges of honour. The polite greeting, “How are you?” is enough to make them launch into a litany of their numerous bodily afflictions. Such an attitude acts as a resistance to the healing energy that is available to us all. When we wallow in our misery and pain, we are only clinging to them. Such people are constantly focusing on disharmony and disease.

Mental alertness, self-confidence, freedom from anxiety and fear, and the ability to take things in your stride—that is all it takes to turn your thoughts into positive, healing forces. That is why people who are mentally healthy lead better and happier lives than those who are merely physically fit. People who are mentally alert and active, continue to lead useful and satisfying lives even in old age, when their physical health begins to fail them.

Many physical ailments like paralysis, chronic indigestion, and debility have been known to be cured by the power of the mind and its positive thoughts—when all other treatments have failed. For truly health lies deeper than muscle, bones, and blood. The cultivation of the right mental attitude is thus of paramount importance in sustaining good health.

Positive thinking must become a regular habit with us. We must allow positive thoughts to diffuse down to the depths of our subconscious mind, so that they can begin to influence our pattern of thinking and our mindset. I have known healers who urge patients to direct positive thoughts on their disease prone areas, so that pain may be relieved and positive energies flow into the affected parts.

To promote a sense of constant well-being, you can practice this exercise at night, before you fall asleep. Close your eyes, empty your mind of all negative thought: “By the grace of God, I’m feeling better and better, every day, in every way.” Affirm this to yourself, and a sense of well-being and harmony will permeate your mind.

Repeat the exercise when you wake up the next day. “By the grace of God, I’m feeling better and better, every day, in every way.” You will be amazed to find the difference this makes in your daily life!

I would not go so far as to say that all diseases, aches and pains are wholly imaginary, or that they exist only in the mind. However, I would accept that the mind can play a major role in our good health, and that it can actually speed up the healing process when we actually fall ill.


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