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The observation of space

A number of people have travelled into space and have studied the earth and many galaxies through high-powered telescopes, discovering many things which were hitherto unknown. One of these discoveries is that there is no planet similar to the earth anywhere in the vast universe. There is life on our earth with its totally balanced life support system. On the subject of how entirely appropriate this system was for human life on earth, one scientist typified it as “the right type of material at the right place.”

The unique quality possessed by our earth is the life existing upon it, the highest form being that of human beings. In this respect the earth, where the existence of man is an exception, is a singularity in the vast universe. The existence of this kind of life is not a simple matter. Innumerable factors, making up the life support system, are essential to its survival and all of these factors must co-exist in exactly the right proportion to each other. This meaningful exception in the vast universe is undoubtedly the result of purposeful creation and proof of there being a planner. The earth and its life support system could only have come into being as a result of divine intervention.

After passing through such a frightful scenario he would reach planet earth, where he would find an astonishing exception.

If a space traveller could make a thorough survey of the entire universe, he would find that it was totally lifeless. In limitless space, he would encounter terrible darkness, huge rocks and immense balls of fire—all in constant, frenzied movement. After passing through such a frightful scenario he would reach planet earth, where he would find an astonishing exception. Here, quite uniquely, there is water, vegetation; living things like fish, birds and animals, and human beings who are capable of thought. Even more astonishingly, there exists on Earth that factor which favours all these life forms—the ‘Life Support System’. Here exists a complete civilisation which does not exist anywhere else in the vast universe. In other words—in a totally meaningless universe, here exists a highly meaningful world.

This exception proves intervention; and intervention proves without doubt that an intervener exists, and when the existence of an intervener is proved, God’s existence is thereby also proved.

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