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Tushar Kataria

A mixture in unknown percentages of contradictions and complexities, Tushar has been writing about the randomness of it all for a while now. However, his written word ventured into the real world for the very first time with Soulveda. A regular guy with a right-of-the-centre approach towards all things moving, Tushar likes to think his writings will do what Starship did in Star Trek—cut across boundaries and go beyond the curve. Having been brought up in a house full of people gave his personality multiple shades of grey, which, he hopes, brings layers of insight into his writing. A career professional in information technology, Tushar moved to Bangalore for academic pursuits and stayed put. On a typical Sunday, you can either find him fraternising with friends, watching a bit of football in the evenings, logging in some supposedly important work for his client, and of course, philosophising over a drink or two. Tushar loves trekking, and mountains are probably the place he would be at if he weren't writing this. He loves the power of the written word, though strongly agrees a gun is always better in a knife fight. Puns aside, he hopes to embark on a never-ending journey in the universe of words with no better Starship than that of this publication.

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