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About Us

In a world so complex, it’s hard to tell myth from truth, perception from reality, known from unknown. We question the self, the world, and
everything in between. In the quest for answers, life often seems like a perpetual riddle. Who are we? What’s our ultimate purpose? If life’s
a voyage, where does it lead? Where do we seek such answers? Soulveda carries out an enquiry into such mysteries of existence,
attempting to answer life’s perplexing questions. Soulveda hopes to be an experience that satiates the soul; an adventure into the recesses
of the self; a mystical catalyst into a different dimension. The journey awaits you.


Every successful endeavour has people behind it; it is people who give wing to an idea; it is people who turn that idea into reality. Striving to be a space for nurturing talent, polishing skills, and inspiring passion, Soulveda believes in the enormous potential of people. With this in mind, Soulveda has its doors open to those driven by thoughts, creativity and action. If you find yourself on a similar wavelength, send us a note, share your thoughts on how you’d like to contribute to Soulveda, and grow with it.
Along with your note, please email your CV to editor@soulveda.com.


If you have any questions or comments, or you just feel like saying hello, write to info@soulveda.com




Editorial Contributions

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