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Giving regards and getting happiness

I often wonder why people are not gentle, cordial, humble and courteous to others. Does it cost anything to give a smile even to a stranger? Or do we have any fear that our smile may be misinterpreted and the person may try to take undue advantage? Nothing, whatsoever. These are just our own imagination or may I take the courage to say that we try to reflect our own nature on others?

Goodness has always been an enchanting question in the human world. It is something appreciated by all and expected in others, but rarely practiced and inculcated in one’s own-self. We all enjoy advising and guiding others on the bliss of being good, but rarely look in the mirror to see whether I have this godly virtue in me. Goodness and virtues are like the sweet fragrance that can be experienced and realized by all who pass that way.

Sometime back, in the hot summer month of May in Haryana, my doorbell rang about 2.30 pm. I had just laid for rest after my lunch. You can imagine how irritating it would be to get up and go out in such a scorching sun. But who can resist the temptation of avoiding the bell even in such weather? But as I was moving, my wife realised that being irritated I may overlook the basic courtesy and advised me to keep my cool.

If we expect that people should give us the regard and respect why should the same principle not apply on us?

It was a salesman, the least expected visitor at such a time. Even before he started telling me about his ware, I said, “Sorry, young man, we don’t need anything. Please excuse us.” As he started leaving disappointed, I asked him if he would like to have a glass of water. Hesitatingly, he declined the offer, but I knew he needed it. I asked him to come in the verandah and I will bring water for him. While he was taking water he said, “I also realise that it is bad to disturb people at such odd hours, but you know sir, we have targets to meet and more so to keep our livelihood. I really feel very sorry to have troubled you.” And he folded his hands.

I was overwhelmed with his courtesy and goodness. I detained him and asked about his ware. Believe me that day, perhaps the first time of buying anything from a salesman at our doorstep, I purchased from him things worth more than Rs 2,000. Since that day, that young man has been visiting us at regular intervals, not for selling anything but for enquiring about our well-being like a sincere son.

I sometimes tell myself the value of just a simple glass of water. Is it really that painful to be friends with others and appreciate their difficulties and qualities both? If we expect that people should give us the regard and respect why should the same principle not apply on us? I contemplated the joy and contentment I had received with so little effort. Why can’t we human beings just love and appreciate one-another? Little do we realise that respecting others and giving regards is in itself rewarding. Isn’t it?

Dadi Janki


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