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How to live in a society

To be able to lead a respectable life in society there is a very necessary condition. And that is you must become someone who is beneficial to others. That is, you either become a giver, or at least a ‘no-problem person’. Other than these two options, there is no way for you to lead a respectable life in society.

Social existence is always based on the principle of give-and-take. If you are contributing positively to society, society will regard you with respect. If you think you are not in a position to contribute anything to society, at least you can become a ‘no-problem’ person for others.

If you become a giver, as far as others are concerned, you are helping society to progress. Even if you become simply a ‘no-problem’ person, you are still playing a social role–by not placing any obstacle in society’s progress. In the former case, you are directly helping society to progress. In the latter case, you are doing this indirectly.


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