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True bhakta

“Who is a man of true bhakti, a true lover of God?” this question was put to me at a meeting.

I said: “Have you seen a moth? It sees the light and loves it. So great is the love of a moth for the light that it moves on, coming nearer and nearer to the light, until it enters into the light and is consumed. Never again does it come back from light to darkness. The moth is a true lover, a true bhakta.

The true bhakta of God, the lover of God, devotes his whole life to God and God only. The true bhakta thinks of God, dreams of God, drinks in God, and every moment cares for nothing else. The true bhakta is in God absorbed!”

Hanuman was a bhakta of Sri Rama. One day Hanuman was asked: “How old is the moon today?”

Hanuman answered: “What do I know of the moon? I know nothing about the days of the week. I know nothing about the position of the stars. I know nothing of the position of the stars. I know nothing about the changes in the movements of the moon. I only know the lotus-feet of Sri Rama—my lord and my master!”

What beautiful words! Hanuman was a bhakta Sri Rama. He is revered as the prince of bhaktas. In his heart, he worshipped Sri Rama: and in the whole world, he saw Sri Rama and Sri Rama only. Blessed was Hanuman. 


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