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Before receiving

Before receiving

There is an English proverb to this effect: “It is in giving that we receive.” The Creator of this world has laid down a law that he who gives is the one who receives. In this world, one who has nothing to give is destined to get nothing in return.

God has enforced this principle in the world around us. Here, though everything has to receive something from elsewhere to sustain itself, the fact is that everything tries to give more than it receives.

Take a tree for example. The tree receives water and minerals from the earth. It receives nitrogen from the air. It receives heat from the sun and, in this way receiving its sustenance from the universe, it carries its being to a high level of perfection. But what does it do after that? After that, its whole being is reserved for other things and people. It gives shade to some. It provides wood for others. It gives flowers and fruits to yet others. Throughout its life it reserves itself for the service of others, till the time it dies. Everything in the universe follows the same pattern. Everything is busy in giving to and benefiting others. The sun, the rivers, the mountains, the air—everything benefits others. The motto of the universe is based on giving benefit to others and not demanding rights from others.

In this world there is only one being who wants to receive instead of giving anything and that is the human being. Human beings exploit others unilaterally. They want to receive from others without giving. They want to become takers without being givers. This attitude runs counter to the scheme of God. It deviates from the general law of the universe. This contradiction proves that success is not destined for such people in the present world. In this world only those can achieve success who conform to the culture of this vast universe, and who live in this world as givers, not as takers.


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