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Kindness to the helpless

To give shelter to those who have nowhere to go in society is an act of worship of the highest excellence. Every human being is liable to fall into need at some time: a mother and a father reach the end of their life; a child becomes an orphan; a traveler falls into difficulties far from his native land; at times such as these, a person is completely dependent on others. To come to his or her rescue at such times of crisis is a deed highly pleasing to God. God will not let such action go unrewarded.

The reason that offering help to the helpless is so pleasing to God is that it is a practical acknowledgement that every man is inherently helpless before the Lord. It is not only those who are being helped who are helpless. Those who are helping them are in the same position, for everything is in God’s hands: He gives and takes as He pleases. To realise this fact is to believe in God, and to express this realisation in the form of actions pleasing to God is to worship Him.

But the only way of telling if a person is true in his faith and his worship is to see how he deals with a weak and helpless human being. A person is brought before us in this world in the same state of help­lessness in which we will be brought before God in the next world. There is no pressure on us to help him. So, there will be no pressure on God to help us out in the next world. But if we are kind to such a person, while praying to God that He should be kind to us when we come before Him in a state of need and destitution, then there is hope that God will look with favour upon our actions and our prayers.

One who really feels his own helplessness before God feels like giving away everything he has to the helpless, so that he in his turn may receive a full share in God’s blessings. He feels compelled to do his utmost to give one in need a helping hand, so that God may come to his own rescue at his hour of dire need.


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