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The importance of gratitude

People are generally not content with what they have. Instead, they run after what they do not have. Because of this mentality, everyone is leading a life that is rife with discontent. Someone who appears to be very fortunate, someone whom others envy, is actually as discontented as those who envy him.

Everyone has received some or the other blessing. But if a person lacks gratitude, he will be constantly attracted to what he does not have, while considering the blessings that he does have to be of no value. In such a case, he cannot experience gratitude to God. He is denied the most important thing that he should nourish in his heart.

God has made this world in such a way that here complete comfort and ease are not possible for anyone. If you run away from a place because of some problem there and go to another place, you will soon discover that there, too, problems exist. If a poor man has problems, a rich man has problems, too. If an unemployed person has problems, so, too, does a powerful man. In this world that has been made as a testing-ground, no one at all is exempt from problems. Given this, what you should do is to face the problems that you are confronted with and carry on with your onward journey. Your sole concern should be to acquire God’s pleasure, and not to become the master of a problem-free life, because that is simply not possible before the life Hereafter.


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