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way of the heart

The way of the heart

They ask me: “What do you mean by God? Which way do you walk?” What shall I tell them? And I said: I walk the way of the heart. And walking that way, I move, respecting three promptings of the heart: The feeling that there is a creative principle, a spirit moving in and beyond the earth, the moon, the sun, and the stars; the spirit of altruism, the spirit of service and sacrifice of Man; the spirit made manifest in Rama and Krishna, in Buddha and Nanak, in Chaitanya and St Francis, in the rishis and sages, the heroes and saints of History. Therefore, all human hearts thirst for love and all religions turn to the one spirit of light.

Modern India, alas is turning, more and more, away from this “way of the heart”, and is surrendering to the way of imitation—an imitation of the West. Modern India is becoming weaker, every day: for imitation is emasculation. The deeper spirit of India calls for men who, forsaking themselves and going the way of the rishis in the service of the poor and broken ones, realise that the meaning of life is not wealth nor power, but compassion, sympathy, and love.

Shanti Deva, the seer, well declared: “What is wrong with the world is that we make self the centre around which life revolves, that we think for self and act for self and live for self. May I cast out this self! May I dedicate all I am to service and sacrifice! May I be to all beings a healer of pain! May I give food and drink to all who suffer from hunger and thirst! May I be to the poor a treasure untold! May I be a defender of those that forsaken lie on the roadside! May I be a lamp that holds the light to those who lose the way!”


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