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True worldly wisdom

God has given man a special status in this world, yet man is never able to fully exploit the privileged position with which he has been endowed.

So, man leaves a world, which has everything to offer but leaves him empty-handed. His life on earth ends and he has nothing to show for it. This is because man does not really belong to this world. His real world is the one he will enter after death. The present world is just a preview of the next world, a fleeting glimpse of the real, lasting blessings which will be available there.

The pleasures of this world fade away before they can be fully enjoyed, whereas the next world will be one of eternal bliss. Worldly blessings are just a reflection of the infinite opportunities of eternity. It is for one to see eternity in the mirror of the world; to learn, from the limited and imperfect happiness one experiences on earth, the secret of everlasting life.

This world should serve as a reminder of the next, for that is where true success and failure lies. Wise is the one, who uses the world for this purpose; who prepares, during his life on earth, for the next, all-important stage of life; who works in this world for success in the next.

We are passing through this world on our way to the next. No traveler who is beguiled by attractions, which lie by the wayside will reach his destination. So, it is with us in this world. If we become lost in the charms of this world, then we will never reach the lofty stations that await us in the hereafter. We will be left behind in this world, and when the world ends, we will have nothing but anguish and woe.


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