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Values and virtues


Accuracy is when you take the time to do your work thoroughly, and without mistakes. There is a saying: There is never enough time to do it correctly, but there is always enough time to do it again. There is also a more subtle dimension, which is connected with good intuitive powers. Being in the right place at the right time is also a matter of accuracy. We all have a small voice within which tells us if something is not quite right. When you disregard that voice, then you do something inaccurate. When you do act upon that inner voice, you are usually pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.

Accuracy also means to take the subtle cues which occur in many situations in life. These are subtle signs and signals which speak to us, but discreetly. If you are well-tuned you will notice, otherwise they will pass and you will feel a bit embarrassed because what you did was not accurate.


In nature, adaptability is the key to survival. A certain variety of white butterfly used to hide from its predators by sitting on the bark of a white tree. Due to pollution, those trees gradually became pink and the butterflies became clearly visible to birds.

Maintain the delicate balance of being true to ourselves and make the compromises necessary for appropriate adaptation to the new situation.

So they changed colour and acquired the right shade of pink to regain their camouflage. When we move our dwelling place and begin to live somewhere that has a different climate, different water, even a different culture and language, if we can adapt, we will be comfortable.

Anytime we go into a new situation, or a new phase in our lives, there is a transition period of discomfort and uncertainty. Then we adapt and find our comfort again. The secret is not to resist. Maintain the delicate balance of being true to ourselves and make the compromises necessary for appropriate adaptation to the new situation. When we live and work with new people that is when our powers of adaptability are especially required. For any situation to be sustainable, there has to be harmony. To reach harmony we need adaptability so that we can enjoy the new dance, avoid personality clashes and still express ourselves authentically.


Mostly we find our environment offers both encouragement and intimidation. The encouragement takes the form of influencing us to be of a certain kind, to act in a certain way, and we are rewarded when we get it right. On the other hand, when we stray from expected norms, we are given prods of intimidation. Children and animals are taught through this method and thereby learn what acceptable behaviour is and what is not.

Unfortunately, this practice gets carried over into adult relationships. The encouragement comes in the form of bribery and corruption and the intimidation takes the form of various unspoken threats. The authentic person knows very clearly the balance of giving due respect and maintaining self-respect. The authentic person will not compromise their truth or their perceptions even under the influence of negative encouragement and intimidation.


Beauty has the greatest power of attraction. God is known in many religions as the most beautiful one. A person whose soul radiates the beauty of spiritual purity, gentleness and love will draw attention to the original divine source of all good qualities.

The danger, however, of physical beauty is that it can be a trap. A physically beautiful person may become arrogant of his or her beauty seeing that it gives them power and influence over other people. He or she may then use it as a mask to hide character defects. Though we say beauty is only skin-deep and we know better than to judge a book by its cover, yet we get deluded.

If you lose everything, you have to face that reality and adjust to new circumstances of simplicity or anonymity with stoicism and courage.

If we use our inner eye to discern the beauty within a person, or the beauty of a place by the quality of its inhabitants, we will be in contact with something more real, and the authenticity of spiritual beauty will attract our attention regardless of the ravages of time and the scars of life.


The power to face the realities of life and death makes you strong and solid. You are not taken by surprise, your emotions are in check and you retain your power of judgement and discrimination regardless of circumstances. The power to face things demands substantial inner strength. If your wrongdoings are exposed, you have to face the consequences, take whatever comes, and move on. If you lose everything, you have to face that reality and adjust to new circumstances of simplicity or anonymity with stoicism and courage. If you are struck down by illness or accident, you must face pain, limitations and impairment with patience and endurance.

Strong blows come for a reason. They destroy arrogance and false pride. They bring you into hard contact with truth and inescapable realities, which allows you to reaffirm your faith and trust in the divine power to be your helper and sustenance in times of trial.


Sweetness means having good wishes. Sweetness means to express love and appreciation through pleasant words and a smiling face. Sweet people are innocent and cooperative, light and generous. A sweet person is kind, gentle and unaffected by anyone’s bitterness. Sweetness means to refrain from focusing on shortcomings and negative characteristics, knowing that those are only temporary deviations from the essence of that person. Sweetness is the essence of the phrase “See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil, think no evil.”

Dadi Janki


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